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YUKIOR advanced to the Final of Six MVL!

YUKIOR started in the last, the seventh round of the preliminary part of the Russian Championship in the Youth League. And immediately a super-principled match with a single team, which could beat our guys in the battle for getting into the Final Six. And this team, "Kuzbass-2", played at home. The match was tough. In the first set "Kuzbass-2" led 22:18, but due to excellent Read more »

Failed to finish Lokomotiv

It was interesting at the Premier Arena: Andrey Arshavin in the stands, two diagonal at the same time on one side of the net and an almost completed tie-break. And it all started with a series of powerful serves by Lyzik - 0:6 The visitors. It was difficult for the owners to eliminate such a handicap, but they tried, fortunately, Novosibirsk helped with their own marriage. Alekseev scores an emergency ball after a pipe raised in defense Read more »

Stop Lokomotiv - Mission Possible?

Second round begins, which means everything is new. 2 October 2021 of the year Gazprom-Ugra started in the championship with a defeat in Novosibirsk. Since then, Lokomotiv lost only once - to Zenit Kazan.. As a result, a confident second place and a direct ticket to the Final Six, if the championship ended here and now. Railroad workers can be moved, in fact, Read more »

In the first circle

so, all teams played each other (Well, nearly) - this is a good reason for preliminary results, which we all love so much. Let's make it short. 1. "Zenit-Kazan" embarked on the rails of the revival of greatness. The components of success are a point hit with Christenson and Volkov, plus Poor Nozh, who cheered up under the American and, of course, all this based on the eternal Mikhailov. Wherein Read more »

Zenith class is higher, but Gazprom-Ugra fought

Zenit entered the court with Porebinkin and Kosmin in the, Gazprom-Ugra chose a combination of Rukavishnikov and Alekseev. Ace Kobzar indicated the superiority of the guests, 1:3, but the owners quickly leveled the situation, and after Porebinkin’s attack raised in defense and Alekseev’s counterattack, they took the lead, 6:5. "Zenith" again trying to break away: Pashitsky closes Dovgan, and Klyuka realizes the replay, 7:10. The hosts Read more »

Starfall in Surgut

The last contender, with whom Gazprom-Ugra has not yet played in the current championship, St. Petersburg "Zenith" remained. Which the, properly, and come to us 15 January as part of the final first round of the 13th round. What can I say - despite the current fourth place, a team from the category of giants of the first magnitude and more, certainly, will compete for at least a place on the podium. All Read more »

Surprises from ASK-2

The final games of the 6th round of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League were held in Surgut yesterday and today, in which a surprise was presented by young people from ASK-2. 8 January Nizhny Novgorod with a score 3:1 beat the owners of the site from YUKIOR at the expense of the raging "veterans": diagonal Klimenko 2002 year of birth typed 22 points with effectiveness in attack in 51%, and the spiker Read more »