Second day: without owners

The first to face off on Wednesday were Yugra-Samotlor and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv. Denis Chereiskaya, Oleksiy Rodychev, Plamen Konstantinov could have some romantic feelings at the "Premier Arena", but most likely thought about, how to have a successful debut match of the season. They succeeded quite well, although nizhnevartovsk residents resisted conscientiously. true, in the first game, a special struggle did not work out - with 17:15 Novosibirsk Read more »

Russian Cup starts in Surgut

Dear fans, congratulations on the start of the new season! The games of the first round of the preliminary stage of the Russian Cup named after Konstantin Reva begin in Surgut. For our club, these competitions will traditionally become an engaging stage in the preparation for the national championship., and we are glad, that we will play the first matches of the season in our home arena with our spectators. it, of course, imposes some additional Read more »

Gone Cuba

The youth team of Russia U19 at the World Championships in Tehran has successfully completed the group stage, having won four wins in four matches, a 30 August in 1/8 the final beat the Cuban national team 3:0 (25:19; 25:18; 25:17). Surgutyan Maxim Kirillov appeared on the court at the end of the third set and managed to score one point with a block. Thus, our team made it to the top eight Read more »

Legend №1

27 August 1981 of the year, Valery Kharlamov died in a car accident at seven o'clock in the morning on the 74th kilometer of the Leningradskoye Highway. It is customary to remember the departed on the fortieth day., Kharlamov is remembered forty years later. Legendary hockey player, he was not just an outstanding athlete, but - A player with a capital letter, The creator, idol of millions. Many will call it the best of the 20th century., Read more »

According to the winning schedule

The youth team of Russia U-19 held the first two meetings at the World Championships in Tehran. 24 August, our guys with the main squad with the Surgutyan Maxim Kirillov as a setter defeated the strong Belgian national team 3:1 (23:25; 25:23; 25:19; 34:32). The next day, the Russian national team played with an experimental composition and Maxim Kirillov did not take part in the match against the Bulgarians. Victory, themes Read more »

ZMS what Kobzar

All our Olympians, except for Maxim Mikhailov, already having this honorary title, received the cherished three letters - ZMS. The captain of the Russian national team also became an Honored Master of Sports, pupil of the Surgut volleyball Igor Kobzar. He received a ticket to big volleyball from his parents and VC "Gazprom-Yugra", so today we are happy for Igor all together. Congratulations on the highest Read more »

Silver glitter, glint of gold

I didn't want to talk about the results of the Olympics in hot pursuit - there were continuous emotions. Now he still aches for our guys, but you can clearly articulate: The Olympics for the Russian national team ended successfully. A couple of draws at the end of the fifth set, who decided the outcome - the same lottery, which tie-break is usually called. The French definitely deserve the right to participate in it. Read more »

Liter of validol and Podlesnyh for feeding

it seems, for the first time the Russian national team approached the decisive (and she is so!) the game with Brazil is not an underdog. Behind him - two victories over South Americans in a month, But that's not the point. Was seen, how at the group stage the Brazilians really want to beat the Russians - and cannot. No way. No shuffling composition, nor trying to play on Read more »

Russia again in the semifinals with Brazil

In the quarterfinals with Canada, everything was expected: and tenacious play of the opponent, who has nothing to lose, and our class excellence, which needed to be confirmed. Making the expected a reality is not easy at all, especially in the context of the playoffs of the Olympics, where exactly the quarterfinal barrier separates a satisfactory result from a failure for our team. Did not fail, yes and they couldn't Read more »

Useful defeat

Defeat from France is painful, but not fatal, therefore - useful. After all, all, what does not kill, makes us stronger. France needed more, Ngapeth and Co. on the brink of the abyss played a game of crazy quality. Ours managed in the second set to pass the opponent over with power on the grid, and after two consecutive blocks at the beginning of the third batch from Wolwicz and Read more »