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If only in Paris

Nothing until the Olympics, of course, the place of the Russian team was taken by someone else. The head coach of our team, Konstantin Bryansky, said in a recent interview, that I would see Russia as the favorite of the tournament in Paris, which is understandable. But here's the thing: чем дольше длиться международная изоляция, тем сложнее с уверенностью рассуждать о месте сборной России в мировом волейболе. Read more »

Happy Victory Day!

9 May is a sacred day for all Russians, Victory Day over Nazi Germany. A holiday with tears in our eyes... Each new generation moves further and further away from those days, when the Motherland saved itself and the whole world from the brown plague at the cost of millions of lives. Almost no living witnesses left, and books and films cannot fully make up for Read more »

Final alignment

It's time for the decisive battles, which should become not only the endgame of the championship, but also its apotheosis and decoration. A simple fact pleases in advance: rivals are almost equal in strength, which almost guarantees a series of intense and interesting matches. Let's try to visually verify the first, and the second will be checked in the near future. so, pre-match alignment - by positions and key game Read more »

Second round: the same in profile

It was not difficult to predict the results of the first round in most matches - due to the obvious difference in class between rivals. We hoped, that we will fight in Belgorod, but it didn't work out. What is the second tour preparing for us? Roughly the same: we have a lot of obvious and a little bit incredible. The obvious "Yenisei" will move from St. Petersburg in the neighborhood to Sosnovy Bor, but hardly Read more »

The start of the championship as a continuation of the Cup

Well, comrades, waited? Superleague starts! Briefly vanguem the matches of the first round, without taking into account our meeting in Belgorod - this is a separate story for us, we will write about it separately. In all meetings of the first round, teams meet, already played in September among themselves at the preliminary stage of the Cup of Russia. However, Cup results are not an indicator, because the Read more »

Spartakiad at a low start

11 Spartakiad starts in August, brought together under the flags of the subjects of the Federation eight of the strongest clubs in the country following the results of the past season. Tatarstan will meet in Kazan ("Zenit-Kazan"), Moscow ("Dynamo"), St. Petersburg ("Zenith") and Belgorod region ("Belogorye"), Novosibirsk region will measure strength («Lokomotiv»), Kemerovo region ("Kuzbass"), KhMAO-Yugra (Samotlor) and Leningrad region ("Dinamo-LO"). Opponents will play in one round, after which they will go together Read more »

Practice has begun

In St. Petersburg, another Platonov Memorial started, sorry for the tautology, season of pre-season friendly tournaments. The early start of the traditional competition is explained by the Spartakiad scheduled for August, in which the first eight clubs of the Superleague will take part. true, only two of them will play in St. Petersburg, local "Zenith" and Sosnovy Bor "Dynamo-LO". St. Petersburg in the group will compete with the Belarusian "Shakhtar" (Soligorsk) and the Russian national team U-19. Read more »

Goran Stamenkovic: "Russia is the pinnacle"

He is called the coolest fan of Kuzbass, Siberia and even all of Russia. They, who does not know Goran Stamenkovic personally, probably repeatedly seen in the stands of the Kemerovo "Arena" this bright personality in a helmet)). This is what he is, Siberian Serb and ardent fan of volleyball and sports in general, cheerful and open Goran. In Surgut, he was "brought" to the World Championship in Read more »

To be epic. Around the new Super League format

The decision to expand the Superleague to 16 commands suggested themselves in the context of the collapse of the international calendar - 30 regular season rounds will fill four weekends, no matter how much it costs clubs to fly to new points on the map. Here, basically, everything is comfortable: Samara is conveniently located in the center of the country, and Soligorsk Shakhtar (if not "Builder") will play in Minsk - hour of summer Read more »

Two words about the championship after the finish

When we were naughty with Final Six predictions, did not leave the feeling, that one way or another something must go wrong. the, what we have identified as the weak point of the Kazan "Zenith", in the end it worked - the so-called winner syndrome affected. “The unbeaten streak in all tournaments has exceeded the fourth ten games, and such chains are purely mathematical Read more »