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Food rules. Leading Nutrition Ideas, which will prevent common diseases

The authors: Colin Campbell, Howard Jacobson

Most of us think, that animal protein is healthy and there is nothing to replace it with. But does this belief have real grounds? Dr. Campbell, pioneering scientist and influential nutritionist, once turned this view upside down. His observations, published in the "China Study", struck the whole world and became the subject of much discussion. In his new book, Eating Rules, he went even further and explored the aspects and benefits of whole plant foods even deeper.. This book is an alternative perspective on well-established rules for healthy eating and a fundamental work in nutritional science.. Its author invites everyone to rethink their eating habits., guided by unpopular myths and outdated dogmas, a scientifically proven knowledge base. He reviews the history of diseases and methods of their treatment, analyzes the current state of the food industry and defines the basic rules of the diet, based on whole plant foods. G, the main thing, explains, how with the help of such a diet you can protect yourself from cancer, diseases of the heart and blood vessels and diabetes.

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Don't die on a diet

Author: Michael Greger

You've tried a bunch of diets, but did not get the coveted result? You think, what do you know about diets?? Dr. Greger will surprise you. Bestselling author of healthy eating gives a comprehensive overview of trendy diets, inviting the reader to draw his own conclusions. Nutrition correction, proposed by Greger, based on facts and scientific research. Without "water" and controversial statements. You don't need to get hung up on counting calories., drastically change eating habits and torture yourself. Smart healthy eating tips can help you get your dream figure without stress. This book is a great investment in your own health.. Enjoy life and be in great shape!

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The program "A healthy gut". As the body's health depends on digestion

Author: Alejandro Junger

Have you ever heard of, that one of the manifestations of the heart attack - it's indigestion? What a pain in the back - a harbinger of frequent bowel problems? Depression, irritability, weakness and apathy are familiar to all of us, but only a few know the root cause of the occurrence of these unpleasant symptoms.

It turns out, general state of health of the person closely associated with one particular section of the body - the intestines. The roots of many chronic diseases are right here. Almost all diseases, which today are found in epidemic proportions - cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and arthritis, - begin to damage and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Does the decision of a problem? certainly, said the doctor Alejandro Junger. He and his bowel program to help you recover.

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hormones of happiness

Author: Loretta Broyning

How to train the brain to produce serotonin, dofamin, endorphins and oxytocin

The author of this book offers to know all about the hormones, emotions formation mechanisms, behavior and operation of various neurochemicals. And that, how your brain creates a stable habits and why it is so difficult to get rid of those, which are considered bad or harmful. Inside you will find a 45-day plan training new habits, which will help to generate new patterns of behavior and learn how to run the action of "happiness hormones". After reading this book, you can reprogram your brain and activate those hormones, that will make you happy.

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Charming intestine. As the most powerful body controls us

Author: Julie Enders

Talk about the gut and its problems is not accepted, but in vain. After all, there is an opinion, that this body - the most powerful in our body, no wonder it is sometimes called the second brain. To understand the intricacies of this mysterious organ helps the German microbiologist Julia Enders. It simply and clearly describes the whole process of digestion: serious and complex information is presented in an easy manner and is accompanied by a graphic illustration of funny.

What is the scientific approach to nutrition? Why is the case of allergy and intolerance of certain foods? What is the difference between antibiotics, prebiotkikami and probiotics? In addition to the answers to these and other questions you will also learn a lot about other organs, participating in the process of digestion, their inhabitants - bacteria and microorganisms, of reactions, links various systems to each other.

Intestine control processes, occurring in the body, but nothing prevents you to control it! To establish relations with their own "second brain", read the book Julie Enders "Charming intestine. As the most powerful body controls us "online or download in a convenient format to liters.

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The Chinese study. Results of a large-scale study on the relationship of nutrition and health

The authors: Colin Campbell, Thomas Campbell

This book will tell you truthfully about the impact of diet on health. It is based on the most extensive in the history of science study of the relationship between the consumption of animal products and a number of chronic diseases.

The name "Chinese Studies" emerged by studying the statistics on cancer mortality in 65 China's counties, which was introduced by the Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, die from the disease.

At the dawn of his career, the author - Dr. Colin Campbell, the world's largest specialist in biochemistry - recommended patients to eat more meat, milk and eggs. It was an obvious consequence of his life on the farm.

As a result, more 20 years of research, Campbell made a number of discoveries, changed his views on food - as well as the views of millions of people, who read this book. products, we diligently feed their children, considering them useful, give rise to major killer diseases: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

"Protein in the diet is so great influence, that we can stimulate and to stop the development of cancer, simply by changing the level of consumption "- one of the key findings of the author.

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Diet to speed up metabolism

The authors: Eve Adamson, Haley Pomroi

Haley Pomeroy - by a unique technique, celebrity nutritionist, "Guru metabolism", as it is called stellar patients, discloses secrets metabolic functioning. From a scientific point of view, it explains, which slows down the metabolism and how with the help of a healthy diet and moderate physical activity can speed it up, turning the body into a furnace for burning fat. Through this program, this month you can lose up to 14 kg without fasting, counting calories and grueling workouts. Not only do you become slimmer, but also to improve laboratory blood values, reduce the pressure, otbalansiruete hormonal system and strengthen the immune system. In the book you will find lists of recommended foods and a weekly menu options, and more 50 original author's recipes extremely useful, delicious, yet simple dishes.

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starch energy. Eat delicious, take care of health and lose weight permanently

The authors: John McDougall, Mary McDougall

John McDougall calls to completely eliminate from the diet of meat and dairy products and replace them with cereals from whole grains, pulse, vegetables and fruits. The only way to escape from the common nowadays health problems (cardiovascular disease and cancer, Type II diabetes and arthritis), caused by the consumption of animal products. He reinforces his position of scientific data. The book provides a step by step plan for transition to the power of McDougall, as well as simple recipes and delicious dishes.

For all, who want to eat right and seeks the best way to improve your health.

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Food and the Brain

Author: David Perlmutter

book author, renowned neurologist and nutrition expert David Perlmutter of years of practice established a link between the, what we eat, and the work of our brain. Proper diet can keep a good state of health and mental sharpness, and memory problems, stress, insomnia and bad mood treated by the rejection of certain foods.

The new version of his book, based on the results of recent scientific studies, David Perlmutter updated by the recommendation, how to keep the brain healthy and prosperous, and significantly reduce the risk of diseases in the future.

This book is for those, who would like to live long, active, a full life.

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Author: William Davis

You know, that eating carbohydrates leads to diabetes? Probably, Yes…

Have you paid attention, as bread affects your figure? May be…

maybe, You might even have heard, flour that causes premature aging?

What else do you know about food, which consume each day for yourself and offer your children?

Doctor of Medical Sciences, cardiologist William Davis tells, what dishes wheat provoke the emergence of "tummy", from which it is so difficult to get rid. Favorite buns and breads are addictive and provoke heart disease, bones, joints, baldness and various hormonal problems.

About tom, carbohydrates destroy the body and brain, and how to protect yourself, read the best-selling book in the world, who hold in their hands.

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