Youth League

Артем Хабибуллин: "I'm on schedule"

The third round of the championship of Russia ended in MVL, YUKIOR held games in his native Khanty-Mansiysk, with four wins in six matches. We asked to talk about past battles, tournament prospects and mood in the team of YUKIOR head coach Artem Khabibullin. “Initially we wanted to win all six matches., make a spurt in the style of Borzakovsky - it's time to overtake competitors. Started well, Read more »

YUKIOR started in the international league: bye 50 on 50

YUKIOR played the first round of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League. Debut of a new, in fact, but not yet able to systematically make a result and pull a load of, took place in Novosibirsk, our team played two matches with the local Lokomotiv-SShOR, "Zenith-UOR" from Kazan and "Neftyanik-2" from Orenburg. The result is fifty percent: lost twice to the hosts, beat Orenburg twice and cut with Kazan, exchanging five-set wins. We asked the head coach of YUKIOR Artem Read more »

Andrey Chirkov: "We are preparing future champions"

Surgut youth team is not just a team of YUKIOR, acting in MVL, and a whole system of training young talents. What is it and how does it work? We talked about this with the head coach of YUKIOR Andrey Chirkov. Andrey Alekseevich, what is “hidden” behind the YUKIOR sign? A lot of everything! This is the club ideology., which is supported by the district authorities and the leadership of the Yugorsky Read more »

YUKIOR in Adler

While Gazprom-Ugra is intensively preparing for the season in its native land, youth from YUKIOR went to pre-season training camp in Sochi. The guys are accepted by the good old base "Youth" in Adler, where for many years the main team spent the pre-season. There is no time for swimming and sunbathing on the Black Sea coast - intensive classes are underway. Charging with 6.45 to 7.30, first workout Read more »

Maxim Kirillov: "Could have been better"

As is known, the youth team of Russia U-19 made a rustle at the Platonov Memorial, beating the national team of Belarus in the semi-finals and taking the final second place. Despite, that many teams played at the tournament with non-main lineups, the achievement of young volleyball players can hardly be overestimated - after all, the age difference gave a significant handicap to their rivals. All matches in the youth team were passed by the player Read more »

Thanks for the season, youth! YUKIOR has the "silver" of the MVL Cup

Having won two hardest five-set victories in two days, YUKIOR on the third day did not find enough strength to resist the international champion Dynamo-Olympus Moscow in the final of the Youth League Cup. However, if you look at the statistics, everything was around: lost a bit here, something was lost there ... But, objectively speaking, Muscovites are too strong a team, to extend with them Read more »

Victory of YUKIOR on Victory Day!

YUKIOR showed, how to box at a heavier weight, beating the hosts of the tournament in the semi-finals of the MVL Cup, USSR "Samotlor". team, half of the composition of which was represented on the court by Superleague players led by a 220-centimeter pupil of Novosibirsk volleyball Maxim Sapozhkov. In the first game, the diagonal player from Nizhnevartov scored eight points in attack and scored an ace, making that difference, which is not Read more »

YUKIOR made it to the semi-finals of the International Cup

8 May was a great day for Surgut volleyball: "Gazprom-Ugra" scored a "dry" victory in the play-out, and YUKIOR made it to the semi-finals of the International Cup, beating Fakel-2 in the quarterfinals. The Fakel youth team is always in good standing, it is enough to remember the names of her pupils - Kluka, Volkov, Yakovlev, Vlasov, Bogdan, etc.. The current youth won the "silver" in the international championship, beating UKIOR twice Read more »

YUKIOR - the second in the group, quarter-finals ahead

YUKIOR finished the group stage of the MVL Cup in Nizhnevartovsk with a victory over Zenit-2 from St. Petersburg 3:1. After the defeat the day before from Dynamo-Olympus 0:3 and the victory of "Zenith-2" over "Belogorye-2" (3:1) This was, in fact, match for second place in group A. The game was extremely difficult. Having exchanged victory in the first two sets with the same score 25:19, opponents entered the clinch Read more »

YUKIOR started with a victory in the International Cup

The Cup of the Youth Volleyball League started in Nizhnevartovsk, which will be played by eight teams. The first three days of the tournament will be held in two groups, and then we are waiting for an exciting stage of the playoffs, starting from the quarter-finals. In the first match of the MVL Cup, the affiliated team of Gazprom-Ugra - YUKIOR, beat Belogorye-2. Our guys groped for their game in the first game (16:25), and then got stronger Read more »