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We don't play backdoor volleyball

In response to the speech of the director of VC Samotlor Alexey Berezin on the website of the Nizhnevartovsk club, we consider it necessary to inform, that VC Gazprom-Yugra did not violate any obligations or agreements, announcing the establishment of partnerships with VC Samotlor. Samotlor itself came up with an initiative for cooperation, we met our neighbors halfway, because they thought, that together we can bring more benefit to Ugra volleyball. Nobody Read more »

From competition to cooperation

The management of the volleyball clubs "Gazprom-Ugra" and "Ugra-Samotlor" came to an agreement to establish partnerships: Nizhnevartovsk team becomes a farm club of Surgut. This is a balanced and logical decision, which streamlines and optimizes the development of volleyball in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra. In recent years, it has been difficult for the region to pull together two Super League teams, the predictable result was a relegation in the Ugra-Samotlor class. Surgutyans, having an extra-budgetary source of funding, Read more »

If only in Paris

Nothing until the Olympics, of course, the place of the Russian team was taken by someone else. The head coach of our team, Konstantin Bryansky, said in a recent interview, that I would see Russia as the favorite of the tournament in Paris, which is understandable. But here's the thing: чем дольше длиться международная изоляция, тем сложнее с уверенностью рассуждать о месте сборной России в мировом волейболе. Read more »

Contours of the season: there was a knock from below

The participants of the play-out are the teams, which, figuratively speaking, knocked from below. We need to listen and take certain steps, conforming, by itself, with your own capabilities. Let's look at the steps and capabilities of those, who fought for survival last season. When you mention the “Ural” of recent years, an old joke about AvtoVAZ involuntarily pops up in your head: "I'm saying, damn place". Which Read more »

Contours of the season: between the streams

FROM 10 by 12 – places for special emotions. Here's the joy of avoiding a play-out, and disappointment from missed opportunities to climb higher. Complex, all in all, range of feelings. And the anticipation of the next season brings with it a complex combination of anxiety and hope.. Legionnaire club pleasantly surprised: the champion of Belarus turned out to be very, very competitive in the Russian Super League. Victories over Lokomotiv and Read more »

Contours of the season: equatorial everyday life

The equator is the middle, in our case, the Super League standings. Someone was happy to be here, someone not so good. But overall the place is good, reliable - you can either dig in, or prepare the launch pad for takeoff. Mentally, Kemerovo is still fighting for medals, but actually goes through a painful stage of parting with illusions. The current transfer company is another small Read more »

Contours of the season: club of the dissatisfied

We continue to study the future with the help of fortune telling cards (crossed out)/ transfer news. Today there are three teams on the agenda, definitely dissatisfied with the results of the season. Least of all does this apply to “Torch”, forgotten in the semi-final, but the appetite comes with eating and the club declared claims for a medal. So each of this trio has unfulfilled ambitions. Fourth place, on Read more »

Contours of the season: leaders worked to retain

Off-season, can say, at the equator - it's time to look, what looms in the Super League is not next season. Transfer market, of course, far from closed, but the contours of the future are visible quite clearly. Probably, naturally, that the greatest percentage of certainty is among the leaders. Here are the opportunities to preserve the backbone, result-producing, and sign point reinforcement at an early stage, removing the thin ones Read more »

thanks, Winners!

79 years ago our country turned out to be stronger. 9 May 1945, in all corners of our vast Motherland, they could not hold back their tears. And for the first time in many years – tears of joy. Our ancestors paid a huge price for this Victory: millions of Soviet soldiers did not return home, millions of families did not live to see their fathers, brothers, grandfathers, women also fought. They, who doesn't Read more »

Happy Birthday, Oleg Viktorovich!

Today is the birthday of the President of the Gazprom-Yugra volleyball club., General Director of Gazprom Transgaz Surgut Oleg Viktorovich Vakhovsky. For many years, the club has felt the care and support of one of the city-forming enterprises of Surgut, backbone company of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. Athletes and fans see, that the Gazprom-Yugra matches are not indifferent to you, Oleg Viktorovich! And this is very important! From Read more »