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YUKIOR started in the international league: bye 50 on 50

YUKIOR played the first round of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League. Debut of a new, in fact, but not yet able to systematically make a result and pull a load of, took place in Novosibirsk, our team played two matches with the local Lokomotiv-SShOR, "Zenith-UOR" from Kazan and "Neftyanik-2" from Orenburg. The result is fifty percent: lost twice to the hosts, beat Orenburg twice and cut with Kazan, exchanging five-set wins. We asked the head coach of YUKIOR Artem Read more »

First tour in Belgorod: ten years later

Ten years ago, 29 september 2012 of the year, in the first round of the Russian Championship, Gazprom-Ugra beat Belogorye on its site with a score of 3:0. What is characteristic - won "Gazprom-Ugra" from Belgorod and in the second round on its site. And then Belogorye became the champion of Russia. A story from a decade ago lays out a simple truth: gods don't burn pots. Now before us again Read more »

The start of the championship as a continuation of the Cup

Well, comrades, waited? Superleague starts! Briefly vanguem the matches of the first round, without taking into account our meeting in Belgorod - this is a separate story for us, we will write about it separately. In all meetings of the first round, teams meet, already played in September among themselves at the preliminary stage of the Cup of Russia. However, Cup results are not an indicator, because the Read more »

"We have a lot of things left unsaid, we'll have our say"

A pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Ugra volleyball club with the participation of General Manager Vladimir Kondusov was held at the Premier Arena Sports Complex, head coach Alexander Gorbatkov and team captain Dmitry Makarenko. About team renewal Alexander Gorbatkov: The team before the current season has changed half of the composition, in the current realities, this is a serious change. For, so that the game is stable and corresponding to the level of the Super League, need time. we Read more »

Gazprom-Ugra will answer questions

29 September in 13.00 in SC "Premier Arena", str. Bystrinskaya, house 18/4, the traditional pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Ugra volleyball club will take place. It will be attended by the general manager of the club Vladimir Kondusov, Head coach of the team Alexander Gorbatkov, coach Denys Harkushenko, team players. We invite journalists from the mass media of Surgut and Ugra to participate.

Didn't buy a tie

Nothing already decided from a tournament point of view (both teams reached the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia) the final match between Kazan and Surgut suddenly turned into a good show. The hosts put up the best squad available, and the guests suddenly remembered the times, when there were no diagonals in volleyball nature, but there were two binders on the site at once. Vadim Ozhiganov Read more »

that we have come this way together and we will go through much more, boss!

Today Rafael Khabibullin turns 60 years old. Usually on such dates it is customary to compose panegyrics and sum up. But it's not all about him.: does not like panegyrics, not going to sum up. Therefore ... ... Young Rafael has excellent prospects in the oil industry, his father Talgat Khabibullin was a star (Yes, then the stars were the people of labor) in the constellation of Surgutneftegaz Read more »

The Most Needed Victory

Promised the day before by Rafael Khabibullin "another volleyball" did take place. At first it seemed, that we will see a remake of the meeting of rivals in the first round, when teams alternately passed out and flipped a coin in the fifth set. The first set went like this.: separate feats like two aces in a row by Anton Botin (5:5) were lost against the background of the predictable and poor-quality game of Vadim Ozhiganov. On Read more »

In training mode

The second round of the preliminary part of the Cup of Russia, he is the protracted first, began again for Surgut with a meeting with Belogorye. Belgorod, with three victories, decided, in fact, all your problems. However, Roman Poroshin was not immediately sent to the national team instead of Konstantin Abaev, who dropped out due to injury. And in general, they put up a combat squad for the match against Surgut, what can't you say Read more »

Beat the Kazan youth

In the last match of the first round, Gazprom-Ugra met with the Kazan youth team: Labinsky appeared on the site, Hlyakin, Tolok, Romanovsky, chestnuts, Kononov and Krasilnikov. Someday these names, perhaps, become well known, but so far these are not even rotation players, with the exception of Labinsky and Kononov. From our side, the start was: Ozhiganov, Alekseev, Pawn, Ionov, Makarenko, Inner, Dyakov. However Read more »