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Forty years of production victories!

12 April, We are celebrating a special anniversary - forty years of the Gas Condensate Stabilization Plant (GBR) named B. FROM. Chernomyrdin LLC Gazprom Pererabotka PJSC Gazprom. In the distant already 1984 On this day, on the basis of letter No. VD-158 of the USSR Ministry of Gas Industry, a new structural division of the Surguttransgaz production association appeared. And already in the next, 1985 year, Surgutsky ZSK was put into operation.

Constant improvement of production and capacity expansion have turned ZSK into the largest modern enterprise, producing in addition to natural gas liquids (wide fraction of light hydrocarbons), basics for the chemical industry, wide range of products, including all types of motor fuels, from arctic diesel to jet fuel.

As is known, for many years our volleyball club wore the letters "ZSK" on their uniforms. Smooth 28 years ago, 12 April 1996 of the year, On the birthday of the plant, a historic meeting for the development of big-time volleyball in our region took place between Rafael Talgatovich Khabibullin and the then director of ZSK, the legendary Khamit Nurmukhametovich Yasaveev. At this meeting, it was decided to create a working volleyball team at the plant, which applied to participate in the Russian Championship in the second league.

We have already written about the unique format of that volleyball team many times.: the players worked at the factory, trained in the evenings and weekends, traveled to competitions on business trips and vacations. Six years later, ZSK-Gazprom won the right to play in the Super League, where he plays to this day.

Surgut ZSK is the alma mater of the Gazprom-Yugra volleyball club, cradle of the team, the source of vibrant volleyball life in Surgut and Ugra. Of course, we cannot pass by such a significant anniversary and sincerely congratulate the plant workers, former and present, everyone involved in its construction and operation, Happy 40th anniversary of their life's work! We wish you good health, success in all endeavors, and the plant - further prosperity and fruitful work for the benefit of the Russian economy!