Club history

Volleyball club "Gazprom-Ugra" (from 1996 by 2000 year - "Gazovik-KYC", from 2000 by 2007 - "ZSK-Gazprom") It was founded in 1996 year on the basis of the Surgut plant of condensate stabilization (GBR) with the full support of the company's director Hamit Nurmuhametovich Yasaveeva. At the root of the team was standing by its current CEO and long-term head coach, Honored coach of Russia Rafael Talgatovich Habibullin.

IN 2000 the team came to the big leagues, "A" of the Russian championship, and 2002 she won a ticket to the Super League, where he has been performing for nineteen seasons.

RESULTS performance of the team in the Super League:

2002/2003   6 a place.
2003/2004   3 in the "B" sub-group, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 7 a place.
2004/2005   4 in the "B" sub-group, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 8 a place.
2005/2006   9 place at a preliminary stage, 2-place in the play-out games, wrap 10 a place.
2006/2007   4 place at a preliminary stage, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 7 a place.
2007/2008   8 place at a preliminary stage, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 8 a place.
2008/2009   8 place at a preliminary stage, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 8 a place.
2009/2010   7 place at a preliminary stage, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 7 a place.
2010/2011   9 place at a preliminary stage, 1-place in the play-out games, wrap 9 a place.
2011/2012   6 place in the Eastern zone, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 8 a place.
2012/2013   5 place in the group Blue, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 7 a place.
2013/2014   7 place at a preliminary stage, quarterfinals of the playoffs, wrap 7 a place.
2014/2015   5 place in the preliminary part, Playoff Semifinals, wrap 4 a place.
2015/2016   4 a place

Over the years, the colors of "Gazprom-Ugra" protected Vyacheslav Rud, Yaroslav Vasilenko, Oleg Sogrin, Dmitry Jaundice, Igor Shulepov, Dmitry Krasikov, Denis Biryukov, Alexander Gutsalyuk, Maxim Proskurnia, Alexander Yanutov and other famous Russian volleyball players. Among the notable contribution of foreign players in club history have Robert Prygel, Todor Alexiev, Teodor Todorov, Lucas Kadzhevych, Plamen Konstantinov, Theodore Salparov, Sasha Gadnik.

In the shape of the Russian national team 2010 They were tried on Dmitry Krasikov and Alexander Yanutov, in 2011 - Denis Biryukov, in 2012 - Igor Kobzar and Alexei Rodichev, in 2014 - Alexei and Artem Rodichev Smolar, in 2015 - Sergei Antypkin.

In 2009, the winners of the Universiade as part of a student team of Russia became the pupils of "Gazprom-Ugra" Artem Tkachev and Nikita Khabibullin, in 2011 won gold Universiade Alexander Gutsalyuk, Vasyl Nosenko and Roman Martynyuk, in 2013, the winner of the Universiade was Denis Shipotko, and in 2015 - Alexei Kabeshov.

club system pupils Alexander Goncharov and Maxim Troinin - world and European champions among youth teams, Ivan Vlasenko - European Champion. Surgut School volleyball representatives have in each of the Russian youth and junior teams!

In season 2010/2011 s "Gazprom-Ugra" made its debut in European club tournament - the Cup Challenge. The team reached the quarterfinals, in which a bitter struggle (2:3, 1:3) It gave way to the future owner of the Cup - the Italian "Macerata".

Russian championship 2011/2012 year "Gazprom-Ugra" in the memorable victory 1/8 finals over one of the main contenders for the title of national champion - Belgorod "Belogorye". In the quarterfinals, the team led by Plamen Konstantinov gave battle Kazan "Zenith", and in the fight for fifth place only in the fifth game of the fifth game has given way to Ufa "Ural".

Championship 2012/2013 , the team began under the leadership of Andrew Shcheglov and confidently took the first part of the tournament race, consistently beating all the leaders of the domestic volleyball, including the "Zenith", "Belogorye", Novosibirsk "Locomotive", Moscow "Dynamo". Followed by a decline, the consequence of which was the resignation of head coach, and 1/8 finals of the playoffs, "Gazprom-Ugra" under the direction of Rafael Khabibulin stopped Odintsovo "Spark".

In the championship 2013/2014 the team's helm stood Vadim Hamuttskih, significant changes have occurred in the composition - to replace the diagonal Anton Mysina came Alexey Cheremisin, the main link was Sergei Antypkin, He returned to the team in Surgut alumnus Dennis Shipotko. "Gazprom-Ugra" won the championship at the preliminary stage 7 a place, and ? finals only in the final, the fifth match of the series gave way to the Nizhny Novgorod "province".

In season 2014/2015 , the game structure has undergone minor changes (Artem left Smolar), as well as a coach came ex-mentor of the French "Rennes" Boris Grebennikov. But in the course of the championship team effort such well-known players, Constantine Bakun and Dmitry Krasikov, and Ruslan Hanipov. Before the decisive match of the championship position of head coach again took Rafael Habibullin. Under his leadership, the team beat ? finals Novosibirsk Lokomotiv and for the first time in club history reached the semifinals of the Russian Championship. Yielding Belgorod "Belogorye", and in a series of "bronze" – Moscow "Dynamo", "Gazprom-Ugra", Nevertheless, He achieved the best outcome for themselves - fourth place, incidentally won a ticket to the CEV Cup.

preseason 2015/2016 s part of "Gazprom-Ugra" seriously updated. Todor Alexiev command pokinuli, Teodor Todorov, Sergey Antypkin, Dmitry Krasikov, Denis Shipotko, Ruslan Hanipov, Sergey Snegirev, Aleksey Marina Sheshenina. They Ereschenko Yang replaced, Alexey Safonov, Denis Getman, Anton Astashenkov, Ruslan Askerov, Aleksa Brd?ovi?, Evgeny Andreev, Pavel Zaytsev, They were involved in their own pupils - Boris Firsov, Anton Semyshev. The coaching staff of the team added surgutyaninom Vladimir Kondusovym, senior coach was Ruslan Zhbankov.