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Synchronous victories of Yugorsk team with a score 3:1

6-The first round of the Youth Volleyball League started in Surgut with the victory of the Samotlor school over the Kazan Zenit-UOR. The match turned out to be stubborn: only in the opening set, the advantage of Nizhnevartovsk was not in doubt - 25:14. In the future, the citizens of Kazan found the strength to offer desperate resistance to one of the leaders., losing in the second game on a swing - 24:26, and taking the third set 25:23. Read more »

Home again. We are waiting for "Oilman"

7 January Gazprom-Yugra will play its first home match in the new year - Neftyanik from Orenburg will come to Surgut. Not having won a single victory, Orenburg residents are currently finishing the standings of the national championship, which paradoxically makes them only more dangerous. The main mistake, which can be done before the match - underestimate the opponent. The staff of "Neftyanik" is quite working, and absence Read more »

The penultimate tour of YUKIOR plays at home

Games of the sixth round of the Youth Volleyball League start in Surgut. Our YUKIOR and SSHOR "Samotlor" will play twice against the Kazan "Zenit-UOR" and ASK-2 from Nizhny Novgorod. Rivals, what is called, by strength - ASK-2 and Zenit-UOR occupy the eighth and ninth places in the standings, respectively. YUKIOR, in which Kirill Maksimov 2003 year of birth looks a little Read more »

The first game is lumpy

The first game 2022 of the year came out lumpy for Gazprom-Yugra, although in the first game there were chances to endure and, least, drag "Belogorie" into an equal ending. After Ilya Kovalev attacked out-of-bounds, the hosts could get a double superiority (4:8), but Al Khachdadi got into the net. After the video preview won by Rafael Khabibullin, Belgorodians burst into a series of mistakes, allowing guests to level the score (11:11) Read more »

Peace to you, Beard

The past year has taken many outstanding people, Vadim Khamuttskikh was the last to leave, Russian volleyball legend. Three-time Olympic medalist, silver medalist of the world championship, four-time European championship medalist, World Cup winner, World League winner, long-term captain of "Belogorye" and the Russian national team - his titles and regalia do not fully reflect his charisma and role on the site and Read more »

While you finish eating Olivier, Gazprom-Yugra plays in Belgorod

Our club celebrated the New Year modestly - and immediately flew to the next match of the Russian championship in Belgorod. Already 3 January Gazprom-Yugra will enter the site of the new 10,000-seat arena, incomprehensibly "flown" by the World Cup 2022, against the legend of Russian volleyball called "Belogorye". The legend is currently in the recovery stage and does not look like a team at all, last championship Read more »

Dear friends! Volleyball club "Gazprom-Yugra" congratulates you on the new, 2022 of the year!

That case, when it is possible to congratulate and on the departed 2021 - it was not easy, but we lived it with dignity and took many steps in the right direction. External circumstances were difficult, we had to play without fans, overcome yourself and re-create a team. Today Gazprom-Yugra is firmly on its feet and looks confidently into the future. We always try to match Read more »

Christensen and Volkov - personalities in team play

The game of the Russian tops in the Russian Cup Final once again showed, that volleyball is a game of mistakes. Team level if not one, then very close, and the results are two matches 3:0 and 3:1, that is, the hack did not work out. Just for the reason, that one of the rivals was sure to start to fall, not keeping up with the proposed level. so Read more »

New Year's gift for pine conquerors

Dynamo-LO entered the game without their Serbs - setter Nikola Jovovich was slightly damaged, and playmaker Marko Ivović was perfectly replaced by Denis Schenkel. Gazprom-Yugra started cheerfully - 4:0. The hosts overtook the guests at the mark 8:8, when the people of Surgut for the first time, but not for the last time experienced difficulties with the reception of Kolenkovsky gliders. Then again throw forward, 17:13 after Read more »

Gazprom-Yugra in Sosnovy Bor: New Year's fairy tale?

Tomorrow in Sosnovy Bor, Gazprom-Yugra will play its last match 2021 of the year - against the local Dynamo-LO. Until now, the people of Surgut have won all the victories at home., Will you manage to win the first away game?? The opponent is strong, is in fourth place in the standings. Someone recorded the recent win of Dynamo in Belgorod as a sensation, but, objectively speaking, "Belogorye" played without the main setter. Though Read more »