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Slammed the door

Beginning of the game. Nothing foreshadowed such a dynamic course of events. Equal and even start. Kirillov's first serve, but Dynamo attacked past our block into the court – 0:1. Danil Voronchikhin compares the score, and the pine fighters effectively attack, then help our serve out. Score 8:8, equal play in the opening of the set. Serving Bessogonov, ace and then, four more Read more »

Star over the Neva

We start the game with Zenit-2 from the banks of the Neva – and the first, traditional ace of Maxim Kirillov, then, attack from St. Petersburg on top of our block out and on the scoreboard – 2:0, we took the score. Our libero is working on the Zenit attack, and the captain – Pavel Stradomsky does not give St. Petersburg residents a chance with a retaliatory attack - 4:1. When counting 7:5 block works Read more »

Victory equator of the round

And the second game day of the home tour is behind us. Today at "Zvezda Ugra" – victorious game with the youth team "Dynamo-LO" from Sosnovy Bor. Already in the first game, the difference in the quality of volleyball between Surgut and Sosnovoborts became visible. Yes, both teams made a lot of mistakes, but ours just fixed them faster. Dynamo started the game by filing into the network, Read more »

Stopped in step

The match began with ace Nikishin, continued by ace Shakhbanmirzaev, and from the mark 7:7 hosts sped up 12:7. This impression, that Zenit did not expect such a vigorous start from Gazprom-Ugra. When the score after Poletaev's attack out-of-bounds became 17:11, there was already obvious confusion in the guests' actions. One episode turned the game upside down - Nikishin did not score a challenge ball, falling under Read more »

First home win

"Star of Yugra" started the first set well. Ace Tebenikhin, Stradomsky's attack and the scoreboard – 5:3, we are ahead. But the Petersburgers pulled themselves up and already in the opening of the game took the lead. Zenit-2 is good on the block, sorted out with Kirillov's discount, then ace when counting 5:7 and the first time-out for Surgutyans. In the middle of the game, Zenit scores a beautiful ball on serve Read more »

We are waiting for interesting volleyball

13-first round, "Gazprom-Ugra", played nine matches in the national championship, takes St. Petersburg "Zenith", who entered the site eleven times ... This is the reality of this tournament, like that, that it is impossible to predict the lineups of the playing teams, and the whole club can go into the quarantine fog at any time. In such conditions, teams play, what is called, to the touch. Will it be released in Surgut Read more »


Yesterday “Ugra star” held a friendly meeting on the volleyball court with the team “Gazprom-Yugra”. We interviewed the head coach of the youth team Andrei Chirkov: Andrey Alekseevich, tell, what attitudes were on the game with the Superleague team and what goals do you set for the upcoming youth round? We have one goal - to reach the final of the league and, if possible, win a worthy Read more »

Imposed a battle on "Kuzbass"

Already in the opening with two aces in a row Sivozhelez marked the superiority of "Kuzbass", 4:1, and then the "thresher" of Petar Krsmanovich came into play. To the credit of the owners, they did not flinch, caught up with the opponent and even took the lead - excellent play in defense of Chanchikov and Nikishin in attack brought results, 12:11. The owners went one step ahead until the very end, where they stumbled on Read more »