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We believe in you

The closer the end of the championship, the more all kinds of "tipping points", "Key matches", "X days", or the like. In this case, the battle for the isolation of the playoffs will take place in the coming days. Against the background of defeat in Samara really have nowhere to retreat - in front of "Dinamo-LO". Uncomfortable rival for us, which is already there. How we did not play with them - always Read more »

Volga fiasco

"Gazprom-Ugra" not lost "Nova" in Samara, and himself. Our toothless feed organized opponent a great welcome and a great team would simply tore Surgut. But given a chance Samartsev, erred in attack, on the pitch… It was a lot of easing unit, doigrovok ... But ... Muse frankly not in the conditioned state. Doigrovschika offset the occasional successful actions of their own marriage. Released instead Artem Read more »

Samara quest

For "Gazprom-Ugra" very soon there will come the moment of truth in the games with direct competitors for a place under the sun playoffs - "Dinamo-LO", ASK and "Enisei". But first you need to pass another major quest - to beat in Samara "Novo". which, by the way, in the last round opened yet by his victories in the Super League PariMatch, beating a tiebreaker in Samara, Ufa "Ural". Read more »

Against the "Loco" is no admission

"Locomotive" for the class defeated "Gazprom-Ugra", samorealizuyas stably with good reception and, in turn, suppressing rival excellent feed. Surgut could fit only sporadically, took, Nevertheless, one set. The first batch of removal rate with a positive reception in Novosibirsk was close to one hundred percent. Since Surgut not surprised feed, the handicap at the same time formed Read more »

"Locomotive" forward flies

This coming Friday, "Gazprom-Ugra" will hold the first meeting at home 2020 year - with the leader of the championship, Novosibirsk "Locomotive". Home game - all rare beast in the current season: not counting the upcoming, of Surgut in the preliminary round of the championship will be held three. So that, as they say, hurry to see. The more so because the opponent from the category of "top". true, confirm the results Read more »

The game with "Dinamo": no arguments

"Gazprom-Ugra" gave way to the capital of the local "Dinamo" just in key, "Pain" of their points - at the reception and in doigrovku. Add to this the not too confident game Muzaya and communication - and get a result. In the opening match Artem Khabibullina error in the transmission rate of the first and two block - Muse and Schadilova - have issued a significant handicap Dynamo, 5:10. Read more »

The game with "Dinamo": not by the laws of physics

In the country to change the constitution and to dismiss the government, and we play with "Dinamo". here with 2 November, When the teams met in Surgut, little has changed - except in "Gazprom-Ugra" appeared Teodor Teodor Salparov, and from the coaching staff Dynamo left Sergio Buzatu. For Surgut main thing - to change the outcome. remind, in general good at Surgut Read more »

Olympics rated

After the end of qualification for the Olympic Games 2020, the entire volleyball community discusses the groups in Tokyo. According to the existing rated teams divided into two clearly unequal groups. Judge for yourself: Group A Group of the Polish national team and Italy amount to Japan, Canada, Iran and Venezuela, and in group B shlestnutsya US, Brazil, Russia, France, Argentina and Tunisia. However, taking into account the output Read more »

The mind can not understand Russia

Under a curtain of long New Year holidays of potential candidates for the Russian national team was waiting for the EMA - depth medical examination. The coaching staff is important to understand, He said at the end of the players busy calendar 2019 of the year. Event, so to speak, purely technical, but a remarkable list of participants - surely it wide seine captured those, who will qualify for a trip to Tokyo. Read more »