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Not more neighborly

Shevlyakov scored the first point in the match, throwing away the passing ball after Krsmanovic's serve. Then the Surgut team picked up two more breaks on Ozhiganov’s shortened serves – 4:1. Who would have thought, that the supply of the Surgut setter will become the main stumbling block in the future

Visiting neighbors

On Wednesday we play in Nizhnevartovsk with Ugra-Samotlor. History of meetings with neighbors, as you understand, we have a long and mostly victorious. Though, of course, not without difficulties, especially when visiting. In Nizhnevartovsk in recent years, quite militant groups have been formed, capable of delivering surprises. Last season the Vartovites slowed down, ended up in the playout, and in the summer they almost completely reformatted Read more »

Pleased other fans

The guests entered the game without head coach Pavel Borsch, he was replaced on the bench by senior coach Anton Volvich. Ozhiganov's mistake in passing to Katic and Milan's subsequent kick into touch gave the guests a handicap in the opening …

Everything depends on us

On Friday, Gazprom-Yugra will play a very important match from all points of view with Neftyanik from Orenburg. The game is important from a tournament point of view: Surgut residents need victories, including and especially in games with direct competitors in the fight for a place in the playoffs. The game is emotionally important: after a lost equal match in Minsk, rehabilitation is needed. The meeting is very important with Read more »

conceded, but didn't lose

In the first game the hosts went ahead from the mark 13:12 on 16:12 due to our mistakes. After Nikita Alekseev's shot into touch, he is replaced by Vyacheslav Rudnev, removed, but he doesn’t put the ball in the court himself, 18:13. Shakhtar did not lose the comfortable advantage they gained, and the decisive ball was given to the hosts by Ivan Skvortsov, who came on instead of Milan Katic - he broke the move and hit it into touch.


After an unsuccessful trip to the easternmost point of the PARI Super League, Gazprom-Yugra went to the westernmost point - Minsk. This is where Shakhtar plays its home matches., whose hall in Soligorsk does not meet the requirements of the league. Belaruskali for Belarus is like Gazprom for Russia, and Soligorsk in this sense is somewhat reminiscent of Surgut. Local Shakhtar is the winner of the last seven national championships. First Read more »

Gone to perestroika

The hosts immediately found the weak link in the Surgut team: the serve flew to Korotaev, Ivan immediately floated away in the reception, and even tried hard on the net – he hit the block twice, once out, plus, during an effective attack, Alekseev returned the point to “Yenisei” by touching the rope, 0:4. Korotaev is replaced by namesake Skvortsov, Alekseev gets stuck in Ursov's single block, 1:6. And then hits out on a free ball, 3:8.

To the East

After the victory over Ural, Gazprom-Yugra goes to the easternmost point of the PARI Super League - Krasnoyarsk. Already on Wednesday we will have to take to the court against a very strong and worthy opponent in all respects, "Yenisei". In recent years, Krasnoyarsk residents have been in the so-called strong middle peasants, this season the team has noticeably strengthened and is demonstrating very nice team volleyball. On account Read more »

Success on the nerves

The hosts earned their first handicap with a block – on Ebadipur and Rybakov, 6:4. An extremely long rally with four attempts by Katic in the fourth zone was completed by Tarasenko, 9:6, Immediately Yakutin’s kick into touch makes the home team’s advantage significant, 10:6.

All for Gazprom-Yugra!

Saturday, 18 November, Premier Arena, 19 hours, Gazprom-Ugra match in the sixth round of the PARI Super League against Ufa Ural. Why you should come and support our team? Historical aspect: Gazprom-Yugra’s history of games with Ural is long and memorable. Can you remember the season 2010-2011 years, when the Surgut team sensationally advanced to the playoffs of the Belgorod "Belogorye", then lost to Zenit Kazan in the quarterfinals (in response Read more »