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The third team leaves Surgut without luggage

At the very beginning, a knee injury was received by the Serbian central blocker Aleksandr Okolic, faced in a game episode with Viktor Nikonenko. There would be no happiness, yes, the misfortune helped - the substitute Artem Dovgan immediately issued an ace and, in general, had a rather vigorous match. The "fault" is the good quick play of Ivan Lukyanenko, who came out instead of Evgeny Rukavishnikov Read more »

QR code for ASK

In the next home match next Saturday evening, Gazprom-Yugra will match its QR-code to an extremely difficult opponent - Nizhny Novgorod ASK. by the way, the stands of the Premier Arena are reopened for active support (in the sporting sense of the word), just don't forget to grab your own QR code! Suddenly suitable for ASK))). We guarantee you an exciting spectacle in any case, and the match starts at Read more »

Second victory, Alekseev MVP!

With empty stands, the players turned themselves on - and in the opening it was better for the hosts. Nikita Alekseev immediately got down to business, bringing the team the first four points, 4:1. Ace Kovaleva in Pivovarova - 6:2. Surgutyans' pitchers were diligently caught in the reception of a young wrestler, which crashed from time to time. Two more attacks by Alekseev - 8:3. When Read more »

Battle in front of empty stands

In the sixth round, Gazprom-Yugra will play with its direct rival for getting into the playoffs - Ufa Ural. It's still a long way to the end of the regular season, but also the people of Surgut, and Ufa residents have traditionally been fighting for the same positions in recent years. And if so, then the match, as they say, will be for six points, because it is important for us not only Read more »

The first long-awaited

Gazprom-Yugra gets its first victory in the championship, but the youth of "Fakel" drank a lot of blood from the people of Surgut. In the first set, reconnaissance in force - "Torch" came off by four points, the owners caught up - ended in a protracted game of "eat for rent" and, Consequently, endgame swing. Flawless in the opening of the game, in the end Babkevich shoots out - 22:21. To serve from Read more »

Starting over again

On Friday, Gazprom-Yugra will reopen the tour program - this time for the fifth. Behind four defeats, but the level of rivals leaves no room for despondency, objectively Lokomotiv, "Kuzbass", Zenit-Kazan and the capital Dynamo are stronger than Surgutyans today. You can say, the championship starts anew for our team, because for the first time we will play with a dangerous, but an "edible" competitor - noticeably Read more »

There was no fight

At the beginning of the first game after Egor Yakutin's ace (2:1) thought, what will be the fight, but three aces in a row from Yaroslav Podlesnykh, and then ace Ilya Vlasov (4:10) put everything in its place. Dynamo scored five points from the serve, six more became block prey, plus six of our mistakes when putting the ball into the game were the result, 13:25. This is math, Read more »

On a visit to the champions

Gazprom-Yugra will have time to play a match with Dynamo in Moscow before the restrictions imposed in the capital. Probably, this is a good sign - at least until we get out of the game schedule. Consider the chances of Surgutyans for success in the match with the team, won everything that is possible in Russia over the past year - a thankless job, so let's start with a story about Read more »