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Two freight trains in Nizhnevartovsk

26 and 27 August Gazprom-Ugra visited Nizhnevartovsk, where he played two friendly matches with Yugra-Samotlor. On the first day the game ended with a unique score for volleyball 2:2 – by agreement, the opponents played four sets. The first two games were left for Surgutians with the same score 25:19, in the third and fourth we lost 24:26 and 17:25 respectively. Three Read more »

Andrey Chirkov: "We are preparing future champions"

Surgut youth team is not just a team of YUKIOR, acting in MVL, and a whole system of training young talents. What is it and how does it work? We talked about this with the head coach of YUKIOR Andrey Chirkov. Andrey Alekseevich, what is “hidden” behind the YUKIOR sign? A lot of everything! This is the club ideology., which is supported by the district authorities and the leadership of the Yugorsky Read more »

raise a son, build a house, to plant a tree…

"Gazprom-Ugra" 20 has been playing in the Super League for years - why not think about legacy? Sports life leaves little time for such reflections even during the pre-season - intensive work is underway, balls are already banging in the hall, soon the first control games ... But the figure does not let go: what we have done over the years? The long-term mission of the club crystallizes gradually, Read more »

Spartakiad at a low start

11 Spartakiad starts in August, brought together under the flags of the subjects of the Federation eight of the strongest clubs in the country following the results of the past season. Tatarstan will meet in Kazan ("Zenit-Kazan"), Moscow ("Dynamo"), St. Petersburg ("Zenith") and Belgorod region ("Belogorye"), Novosibirsk region will measure strength («Lokomotiv»), Kemerovo region ("Kuzbass"), KhMAO-Yugra (Samotlor) and Leningrad region ("Dinamo-LO"). Opponents will play in one round, after which they will go together Read more »

YUKIOR in Adler

While Gazprom-Ugra is intensively preparing for the season in its native land, youth from YUKIOR went to pre-season training camp in Sochi. The guys are accepted by the good old base "Youth" in Adler, where for many years the main team spent the pre-season. There is no time for swimming and sunbathing on the Black Sea coast - intensive classes are underway. Charging with 6.45 to 7.30, first workout Read more »

Maxim Kirillov: "Could have been better"

As is known, the youth team of Russia U-19 made a rustle at the Platonov Memorial, beating the national team of Belarus in the semi-finals and taking the final second place. Despite, that many teams played at the tournament with non-main lineups, the achievement of young volleyball players can hardly be overestimated - after all, the age difference gave a significant handicap to their rivals. All matches in the youth team were passed by the player Read more »

Official season will start later

The official start of the season at Gazprom-Ugra is postponed from 1 September in the middle of the month. The All-Russian Volleyball Federation moved the first round of the preliminary part of the Russian Cup in our group from Belgorod to Kazan and joined the second round in time. Thus, "Zenit-Kazan", "Belogorye", Gazprom-Yugra and Neftyanik (Orenburg) will actually play one two round robin tournament with 12 by 19 september Read more »

Practice has begun

In St. Petersburg, another Platonov Memorial started, sorry for the tautology, season of pre-season friendly tournaments. The early start of the traditional competition is explained by the Spartakiad scheduled for August, in which the first eight clubs of the Superleague will take part. true, only two of them will play in St. Petersburg, local "Zenith" and Sosnovy Bor "Dynamo-LO". St. Petersburg in the group will compete with the Belarusian "Shakhtar" (Soligorsk) and the Russian national team U-19. Read more »

Happy Birthday, captain!

Friends, Dmitry Makarenko celebrates his birthday today, needs no introduction. He started his career in 2003 year in the capital "Ray", then there were "Zorkiy", "Motorist", MSTU, "Dinamo-LO", «New», St. Petersburg "Zenith", "Samotlor" and, finally, "Gazprom-Ugra". And although in the period of preparation for the new season, the place of the team captain is vacant, we call Dmitry that way - after all, he Read more »

"Gazprom-Ugra" came out of vacation

The day before, Gazprom-Ugra got together for the first time after returning from vacation. The general meeting was held right in the club locker room, to immediately set the guys on a working mood. The new coaching staff represented by head coach Alexander Gorbatkov and his assistant Denis Garkushenko introduced the players to the pre-season training plan, held a “motivational five-minute session” and wished everyone to do without injuries. 18-19 July players Read more »