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Erase the smiles of Belgorod residents

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Kabeshov/Nagaec

Belogorie: Kolodinsky - Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Zabolotnikov - Chervyakov, Bragin/Krotkov

Before the start of the match in the camp of "Belogorye" high spirits reigned: everyone was smiling, including head coach Sergei Brusentsev. with large differences in different elements, that the team arrived at the resort - but Surgut has never been a resort, what the guests were convinced during the game.

However, it all started quite comfortably for Belogorye - with ace Tetyukhin. Slight confusion at the owners, Alekseev's kick in touch, and already 0:3. "Gazprom-Ugra" shaken up, Kabeshov twice coped in defense with Zabolotnikov, Ozhiganov issued an ace, 7:8. But the guests continued to push through Al-Khachdadi, and Ozhiganov's attempts to build a game in the center of the grid worked through time. Having rebuilt on Alekseev, Surgut received two blocks, 9:16 and Rajab Shahbmanmirzaev in the position. The game went "eat for eat", until the Moroccan diagonal probed out (14:19), Kirillov, who came out to serve, did not knock out the Belgorod team from the reception (16:20), and Rajab has not completed the efforts of partners in defense (17:20).

The first bell for the guests and the first time-out of Brusentsev. Helped - eating through Tetyukhin works. Towards the end, Surgut has the last chance for a productive pursuit on powerful innings of Krasikov, who came out with a special task: Piun gets a break after a great defense, but Rajab in a similar situation is covered with a block, 19:23. The victory of "Belogorye" brings Kolodinsky discount with two hands.

Already in the opening of the second game, Maxim Kirillov replaced Ozhiganov and made a couple of mistakes from an excess of emotions: blocked the ball on the opponent's side and flew into the net, 4:7. The young setter passed quite well, although at first Belogorye did not notice this. Kolodinsky continued to use the height of Al-Khachdadi and Zabolotnikov. Georgy was the first to fail: Kabeshov again drags his punch, then in a duel with Piun, the blocker of the guests gets a cover, 6:9.

The hosts are pulling themselves up in the score through Kirillov's serves and active play on the block and in defense, then comes Al-Khachdadi's turn to make a mistake - a strike with a transfer from the fourth zone to an oblique diagonal goes from the cable into out, 11:11. His own blow, caught on the Makarenko block, puts Surgut team ahead - for the first time in the match, 15:14. Then comes the key super draw, in which "Gazprom-Yugra" bounces back and defends against the attacks of Zabolotnikov and Al-Khachdadi, and Rajab rewards partners with a counterattack. Another attempt by Zabolotnikov - out, 17:14.

Belogorye timeout follows, but Rajab is unstoppable, 18:14. Two viewings in a row of attacks from Belgorod for touching the block - exchange of points, 20:16. In the end, Makarenko and Kurbatov are wrong, Ozhiganov returns to the court - and straightens the attack through Rajab, 23:20. Ace of Ilya Spodobets, who came out to serve, leaves hope for the guests, 23:22, but Rajab brings a set-ball to Surgut, who, on the second attempt, "realizes" with an attack into the out of Al-Khachdadi.

At the beginning of the third set, Piun drags in defense (!) Zabolotnikov's blow, 5:4. Discounts from Tetyukhin do not pass twice, and Rajab is accurate, 6:4. Zabolotnikov again hits wide of the court and gives way to Yuri Tsepkov, 7:4. Protracted rally - and Al-Khachdadi sends the allotted ball into the net, 9:5. it seems, that the guests "floated", while the hosts caught the real courage. Ozhiganov with a feint on a passing ball forces Galimov to make a mistake, plasts in defense and gives two assists to Piun - 13:7. Kurbatov draws up another ace, 14:7. Belgorod residents change Galimov to Masliev, and Kolodynsky - to Zhogov, either trying to turn the tide of the game, either tuning in already for the fourth set. But Piun doesn’t care - he knocks Masliev out of the reception, 18:11.

Tetyukhin does not give up at Belogorye, and Kolodinsky, who returned to the site, unleashes Al-Khachdadi. Three attacks by the Moroccan close the gap to three points, 21:18, and Spodobets, who came out to serve, actually organizes Tetyukhin's counterattack from the back line, 21:19. The resulting tension is relieved by Rajab: scores and draws an ace, 23:19. Immediately, Al-Khachdadi does not fit a narrow ball on a clean net in the field, and the diagonal Surgut deservedly completes the set with a beautiful blow to the edge of the block.

In the fourth set, the Surgut team had chances to take the lead again, but ... First, Makarenko hits out on a free ball, then the Belogorya block stops Kurbatov and Radzhab, 6:8. Surgutians hold on until the next loss in attack - again Makarenko does not beat the opponent's hand, 10:13. Once again, 11:15. After the timeout, the guests made a mistake twice, and the hosts did not use their chances twice: first, Katic launched the allotted ball into touch, and then Tetyukhin recouped Kurbatov's head, 14:18. Perhaps, from that moment on, Fortune spoke decisively in favor of the guests - ace Al-Khachdadi, 14:20. The final score was fired up by Alexander Krasilnikov, who replaced Katic..

At the tie-break, the Surgut team immediately entered the role of catching up, missing a burst of activity from Galimov, 1:3, and ace from Al-Khachdadi, 2:5 (Nagaets decided, that Shakhbanmirzaev should participate in the reception). However, the failure of the launch did not bother them: Rajab and Makarenko score, Krasikov draws up an ace, 6:6. Tetyukhin removed, and another blow to the block sends the captain of Gazprom-Ugra into the square - after the change of sides, Anton Botin appears on the site.

The hosts continue to fight, keeping one breakball distance. Tetyukhin does not have a discount in the first zone, but the same trick is obtained by Rajab, 8:9. In the next draw, the Surgut team work wonders in defense, Kabeshov and Katic twice drag shots at close range from Al-Khachdadi, but the Moroccan still finishes the ball on one block. There was a chance to catch up with Belogorye at the mark 10:11, but in the rematch for the Surguts, the block worked again, and Al-Khachdadi punished again. And then Piun, on a not very successful pass, butts into his hands, 10:13. In such a game, the advantage is sufficient, to get the result out of it. What's going on: "Belogorye" keeps eating and brings the game to victory, decisive ball on the account of Tetyukhin.

After such a game, the Surgutians deserved only flattering words: they did not have enough to defeat the fifth team of the championship quite a bit. Belgorod residents proved, that have a good margin of safety, having such performers in its ranks, like Tetyukhin and Al-Khachdadi.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Senior coach of VK "Belogorye" Sergey Brusentsev: We have a main passer with a slight back injury., that's why he didn't come here. Hard to say, will he even be in Tula. These are playoff games., here to play! Completely different games - in psychology, by responsibility, throughout. I'm not very happy with my team's performance.. The guys were discouraged by the good game of Surgut in the second and third installments, especially in defensive actions - they lifted a lot of balls, and we couldn't resist. Cannot be said, that one of ours threw off or something else, hits were good and tight, and the guys from Surgut calmly processed them, and then finished off these balls, that's all. I will not make a forecast for Tula - this is a thankless task.

after all, Surgut still had some chances to compete for the playoffs: I don't think, that there was an underestimation of the opponent: we started in the first batch assembled, confidently. All, what they planned to do, there was no hat-shaking mood. Then we just started playing worse, were not forced to make mistakes. Mistakes in attack, in simple situations. Well, Surgut added to the game in defense, got a lot of "dead" balls, it gave them extra energy. Caught courage. It was hard to get over it all.. In the fourth game, we calmed down a little, returned to their stable game: minimum errors, clear eat, tenacious game in defense and on the block. In the fifth installment, they also controlled the course of the game almost from the beginning and already did, what do you need. But Surgut played very well today, Well done. We are big congratulations, very hard game! Probably, even good, that we have additional playoff games, they are special, not like that, like in the championship. Such games will be, to the finals: need to go out, fight in every game, fight for every ball. In three days we are in for a tough game: we will draw conclusions.

Alexander Gorbatkov, senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra".: Today there is something to praise our guys for. Let's not look at the rival, I would like to see myself, what we are today. Any-expensive to look at the charge, to the factory team. Sure, missing a class, skill to some players in order to, to end critical moments, somewhere to come forward, somewhere to finish the party, individual episodes. But overall a good game., fans, I think, liked. We also liked. It was visible, that guys are turned on, configured. We do not expect anything from the return game - we just tune in to it, what will it look like, find out upon arrival.

Captain of VK "Gazprom-Yugra" Dmitry Makarenko: This is volleyball: they got lucky today, Tomorrow, may be, we're lucky. Yes, played well today, somewhere Belgorod, probably, relaxed a little, believed in victory. We lacked a little concentration, a little bit of stability. Generally, fought for every ball, helped each other. Many thanks to the audience, what came, who believe in us. Return match in three days, we'll see - maybe, there will be a golden set. Have you seen, what can we play, that we give a fight. game show.



Date Time Championship
28.03.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)20252518122
Belogorie (Belgorod)25231925153


g. Surgut / SC "Premier Arena"