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Test by leaders, continuation

The calendar gave Gazprom-Ugra a formidable opponent in the final home game of the regular season: St. Petersburg "Zenith" came to us. The Surgut people would really benefit from a victory, but the opponent, with a recent defeat from the Nizhny Novgorod ASC, has driven himself into a corner - there is nowhere to retreat, Lokomotiv breathes in the back. So the guests from the northern capital came to Surgut to fight in earnest, don't shoot.

G, you know, there is someone. The setter Dmitry Kovalev, the main setter throughout the season, received a slight injury - Igor Kobzar entered the court. Silver, for a moment, Olympic medalist and graduate, if anything, Surgut. Victor Poletaev didn’t score diagonally – there is an option with American Matthew Anderson. In the end game, Meanwhile, Egor Klyuka, potentially the best player of this role in the country, has returned. Zenit Libero – the best according to many world volleyball libero Zhenya Grebennikov. Well, further down the list.

Pleasant, of course, will also see former Surgutians Kirill Ursov and Yegor Yakutin, but on the site there will be no time for friendly conversations. Our team needs to play well, and for this you need sports anger and faith in your own strength. There is nothing much more to say here and I don’t see other options for defeating the third team of the championship: only through overcoming ourselves.

Cover photo taken from the official website © VOLLEYBALL CLUB “ZENITH” St. Petersburg