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Anderson's Tale

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kirillov, Katich - Botin, Kabeshov/Vlaskov

Zenith: Kobzar - Klyuka, Yakovlev - Yakutin, Anderson - Voronkov, Grebennikov

Surgut team repeated the plot of the previous match in Kazan, having played on equal terms with a top opponent only the first half of the debut set. But the content of the matches differed., there were more positive moments in the reporting match, although the score is unlikely to confirm this.

This time Nikita Alekseev appeared in the diagonal from the start, and Maxim Kirillov, who returned on the day of the game from the final round of the Youth Volleyball League, went out ... in the center of the grid. Original move for binder, who spoke before that also in the replay, and in the diagonal. Zenith also had its own "trick": Klyuka appeared diagonally with Kobzar and took turns with Anderson to attack in the first zone.

At the start, the rivals were shooting, making a lot of mistakes on the pitch, until the first ace with a cunning twist in the second zone did not put Ozhiganov - 7:6. Further more: Yakovlev plays on the side of the opponent, Anderson gets under the block, 9:6. Gossip accurate in diagonals, and Kobzar sets the balance with two aces, 11:11. Kirill Piun ace once again indicates the advantage of Gazprom-Ugra, 15:13, forcing Viktor Sidelnikov to take a break. The conversation of the coach with Igor Kobzar led to the alignment of attacks through the center, where Ivan Yakovlev had a clear superiority over Maxim Kirillov. Four times the attack of the captain of "Zenith" reached the goal, and Matthew Anderson did not leave the filing. At first, young Yegor Vlaskov successfully coped with the American's shots - the wingers let him down. And then the reception swam, and on the allotted balls, Alekseev and Botin could not do anything with the opponent's block. It also helps to replace Kirillov with Kurbatov, and Botina - to Makarenko. 15:13 turned into 15:24, until Anderson himself removed himself from the filing, sending the ball out. The set-ball was converted by Fedor Voronkov with a discount for a block from the sixth zone.

At the beginning of the second installment, Gazprom-Ugra again takes the lead, and again with ace - this time Milan Katic "found" Voronkov in the reception, 4:3. St. Petersburg started the countdown first through the successful actions of Kluka on the grid, and then Anderson again created problems for the Surgut people in receiving, 5:9. By that time, Botin had been replaced by Krasikov, who started uncertainly - did not attack the passing ball, and on free-ball hit out of bounds, 7:10. Kirillov finally earned a point, blocking Yakutin's discount, 9:12. For some time, the people of Surgut have been holding on to successful winning back from the Katic block., while the next series of powerful innings with an ace fails Anderson - 13:19. After that, Voronkov was replaced by Kirill Ursov, and the fight on the court, in fact, ended. On a knocked-out reception and high balls, the Surgut team had few opportunities to fight against the organized block of Zenit.

In the third set, Dmitry Kovalev began to pass at the St. Petersburg team, Yakutin was replaced by Maxim Kosmin, Anderson finally moved to the diagonal, and Ursov came out instead of Kluka. Ozhiganov's attempts to play the first pace gave a negative result, but Kovalev was happy to load the center of the grid, and from under it - the pipe was actively involved. On Kosmin's pitches, culminating in two short aces, Surgutians "flew away" from 3:6 on 3:12, which finally removed all questions about the winner. After going through a series of mutual service errors, rivals "surfaced" on a double advantage of the guests, 10:20. Kovalev and Voronkov still managed to disperse, like ships at sea: Dmitry gave a pass to the forward pipe, while Fedor went to attack for the setter's head, and Kirillov managed to perform a more familiar function, leading to a successful attack Alekseev, but it didn't affect the score.. At the end, Krasikov powerfully filed a couple of times, but I was wrong too 15:25.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Head coach of VC Zenit (St. Petersburg) Viktor Sidelnikov: Everyone played today, Almost all, who planned. In the first game, the coach had to quarrel a little, because it was visible, that came out in a relaxed state. It was wrong, we lose a lot of innings. The task was - in his mode to play something, what do we need. Checked, something didn't work out, although it was discussed. Everything else played well, who went out.

Captain VC "Zenith" (St. Petersburg) Ivan Yakovlev: We started the first game not so hot, a lot of unforced service errors. Seven errors per game - of course, it was hard to show some kind of game ... not to let your team play, so to speak. Matt helped us out in this situation, I don't even remember exactly, how much did he give, Yes, and Surgut added emotionally, feed 8-9 accurately loaded. In this game we needed a result, so 3:0.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut) Alexander Gorbatkov: Zenit is not only a pitch, this is the most serious level in all elements. Team, to which the whole country is equal. All this we knew, prepared, but, to contain it all, need at least, least, train in this mode. We are not ready for this yet., we have a completely different even impact force, ball speed. Everything they could do. At the reception, they withstood something, something is not, the young libero was used - in principle, didn't fly. Sure, he was scared, but held out, Well done. The attack failed, with all the strong teams we lack attack, even on single, on a broken block. Compared to the match in Kazan today, there was still some kind of mood in the eyes, have something to praise, there is something to get rid of.



Date Time Championship
19.03.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1618150
Zenith (St. Petersburg)2525253


g. Kazan / Exhibition Center "St. Petersburg"
Volleyball Center \"St. Petersburg", 1, Midhata Bulatova Street, 33-th Military town, Farm-2, Privolzhsky district, Kazan, Kazan city district, Tatarstan, Volga Federal District, 420011, Russia

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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Zenith (St. Petersburg)

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