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30-first round: finish line

Well, the whole volleyball caravan has reached the finish line of the regular season. Someone cheerful and cheerful, someone in an attempt to make the final throw, someone just arrives. Questions, by and large, not left, except that Neftyanik will make an attempt to jump into the playoffs in Novosibirsk. we, Unfortunately, they themselves gave him such a chance ... Usually the calendar of the last round is made up like this, so that the games not only take place on the same day, but started at the same time. This year the tour takes place on two days and at different times - which is not an indicator, that the intrigue was not planned? Nevertheless, Let's see, who and how can put an end to the regular expression.

Dynamo under pressure, Nova are already in the fight for a higher position in the play-out. Nevertheless, forces are clearly not equal, and Muscovites must win in any composition and condition. The word "should" is rather arbitrary., it’s more like an inner feeling - not to lose before the quarterfinals to an outsider simply because, that it shouldn't be. Although the struggle in certain sectors of the front is possible.

Teams won't budge, so again - a game for growth, how to prepare for the playoffs. "Belogorye" is slowly unloading, "Torch" must be added in reliability, what they are trying to work out. In this match, I see intrigue in the sense, that guests can not only impose a fight, but under certain circumstances and win. Without tournament motivation, teams must be liberated, the factor of the presence of Belgorod leaders on the site is of great importance.

Checkpoint, in fact, the match magically turns into the main intrigue of the tour. Novosibirsk may well give someone a break and try, eg, in the case of Savina and Rodichev who were absent all season. What will come of it? I think, that Lokomotiv is stronger in any roster, the question is, how much, and will the Siberians have enough motivation to fully resist the determined guests. The oilman has nothing to lose, will fight. On the other hand, Novosibirsk has a theoretical chance for third place - if Zenit from St. Petersburg loses at home. To keep this chance, gotta win.

Rare case, when the Nizhnevartovites look like the favorites. Although in the last home match Minskers, of course, try to slam the door - something can and will work out. In fact, threads of the game in the hands of "Samotlor", the team has every opportunity to suppress the "rebellion on the ship".

To secure the sixth place, Kemerovo residents need a victory - Dynamo-LO breathes in the back. ASC is a tough nut to crack, and here is the question: will Nizhny Novgorod fight like the last time? Judging by previous matches, there will be. It's just the team's DNA, with character. Experienced players understand, that you need to bite into every ball, there are no other arguments against better-equipped rivals. This is the groundwork for the future, and preparation for the playoffs. So there will be a cut in which for Kuzbass – native walls and slightly larger game resources. Which, however, still needs to be presented properly..

"Ural" had a difficult ending of the championship, in which they cannot jump to the level of top clubs in any way - with a completely combat-ready squad. Difficult to say right off the bat, what prevents. Offhand - a good selection of performers did not become a well-coordinated ensemble, which is somehow magically characteristic of Ufa. The exam in St. Petersburg will be serious, especially if Lokomotiv wins the day before.

I see no reason, on which Kazanians can stumble. The only chance for Yenisei – if the rest gets Maika Christenson. And here, yet again, important, How will Dynamo play on the eve?. If he wins - and the probability of this is extremely high - then Alexei Verbov will not step on the mop a second time and will take the victory with Deru, Mikhailov, D. Volkov or without them - but with an American. For reliability. And "Yenisei" can only be congratulated in every possible way: the team survived the epidemic of injuries with dignity and now they can just enjoy volleyball.