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Thanks for the game!

Belogorie: Kolodinsky - Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Zabolotnikov - Chervyakov, Meek

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Nagaec/Kabeshov

The dry score for the parties does not at all reflect an equal struggle on the court. In each of the sets, the Surgut team were practically in no way inferior to the opponent, losing in offensive trifles. From the first draws the swing went, when no one could break away in the account by more than a couple of points, presenting the best, what is in the arsenal: the owners have the power of Al-Khachdadi, Surguts have a tenacious defense.

Closer to the end, our guys managed to take the lead once again, turning over the bill 16:17 on 18:17 by the efforts of the leaders of the attack - Rajab and Katic. Yes, this time the Serb became one of the heroes precisely in attacking actions, showing on the healing shoulder all his technical diversity. "Belogorye" has prepared a "response": Al-Khachdadi saves the team in a tough draw, getting a break, and then Kolodinsky drags in line Katic's attack, and Galimov's answer falls on the fingers of the blockers - 19:21.

Then comes the replacement, which not everyone understood: Rafael Khabibullin replaced Dmitry Kurbatov with Maxim Kirillov on the first line. I'll try to explain from my bell tower. At first, on the block, Kirillov has excellent time in the region, what can not be said about Kurbatov. Secondly, replacement shot down the sight of Tetyukhin, who went out. Thirdly, Kirillov immediately went to serve - and here he has an advantage compared to Kurbatov. Fourth, young setter is much more mobile and more effective in defense, which he proved, having worked on the back line and brought the team to the finish line, implemented by Rajab, 21:21. The replacement worked!

Then came Katic's benefit performance. First, he saved the eat after a knocked out reception, prudently throwing the allotted ball into the hands of Belgorod, 22:22. Well, after softening the attack, Al-Khachdadi once again decided on a high ball, “licking” the tall block of Zabolotnikov, 23:22.

And then the draw happened, set decider. In a protracted episode, we again fought back perfectly in defense and Rajab brought a set-ball with a discount - but what a shame, before that, the hero of the ending Katic got into the bottom cable a little! Video review established this fact and gave the ball to Belogoriya, but let us lead 24:22 – a victory point would have been obtained for sure.

But the subjunctive mood in sports does not exist.: then came the heat again, in which the scales, squeaked, leaned towards the hosts - first, Makarenko played a free ball against Belogorye, and then missed the ball a little in the court.

The drawing of the second set has changed a little: now "Belogorye" tried to escape, and Gazprom-Yugra invariably caught up. 2:5 we turned into 7:7 after Ace Ozhiganov, released the opponent again - 9:12 (Kirillov reappeared on the court, this time in the usual role of binder), 11:14 lasted until the 17:17 (Konstantin Bessogonov replaced Kurbanov), and entered the ending on the balance sheet, 21:21. Everything was decided by Kirillov's two low-quality passes in a difficult arrangement - at first, Rajab, on a low ball, was looking for a block touch at a discount, but sent the ball past the hands into touch (21:23), and then an even lower and narrow pass to the “deuce” literally drove Makarenko under the block (21:24). Surgutians still managed to spin a great rally, in which Nikita Nagaets twice coped with the attacks of Al-Khachdadi, forcing Sergei Brusentsev to take a timeout. But then another local fiasco of the Moroccan could not be decided in his favor by Rajab.

In the third set, the pattern of the game was preserved: 9:10 we turned into 11:10 - Kirillov plowed well in defense, Makarenko and Katich each created a mini-masterpiece, and Tetyukhin hit out of bounds. Then Kirillov unexpectedly played Bessogonov and again worked well in defense, giving Rajab another chance, 13:11. Belogorye, on the other hand, had a simple scheme - Al-Khachdadi will score. And he scored, the benefit of experienced Igor Kolodinsky was not looking for good from good, not forgetting, however, and enjoy your own discount. Nevertheless, again - equal ending, again 21:21. 22:22, 23:23… Then the scenario of the first set was repeated in a dramatic way: we earned a set-ball game, while making the same technical error - Rajab scored, but before that, closing with a Tetyukhin block, touched the grid. The match-ball was received by the hosts and closed Makarenko with a block in the second zone.

I repeat: absolutely equal game, where the defense of the Surgutians balanced the block of hosts. It happens, bad luck. Can, but again, attempts to solve everything through Skvortsov in the fourth zone did not bring dividends, confidence, after all, the same Kirillov and Bessogonov stood on the site, who recently played in the first round of the MVL final. For them, participation in this match is worth ten youth finals.! Despite the defeat, Gazprom-Yugra gave a notable fight and closed the season on a positive note. Let's stop there for now, postponing the results for the near future. Until then - thank you, team, for the game!



Date Time Championship
31.03.2023 22:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2522230
Belogorie (Belgorod)2725253


g. Brick / MSC "Tula-Arena"
g. Brick, MSc \"Tula Arena"