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Many-sided "Zenith-Kazan"

Representing Zenit-Kazan, titles must be carefully considered, not to be mistaken. Multiple national champions, Champions League winners, Cup of Russia was taken ten times. Operating, by the way, trophy holders. If we put history aside, and look at the current state of Kazan, then you can see, how Alexey Verbov forms a new wave of winners. Zenit-Kazan has been living without Read more »

First tiebreak of the season

In the second match of the preliminary part of the Cup of Russia "Gazprom-Ugra" in a bitter struggle lost to the Orenburg "Neftyanik" 2:3. The game was so equal, that in the fifth set the scales tipped in favor of our opponent with a minimal score difference, 13:15. Though, hand on heart - should have taken the game. But damp, damp ... As promised, coaching staff Read more »

Let's play with "Oilman"

We already spoke, that the most important from the tournament point of view for Gazprom-Ugra in Kazan will be the meetings with the Orenburg Neftyanik - this opponent must be beaten, to reach the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia. Despite the last place, occupied by Neftyanik in the Superleague last season, underestimating this team would be a big mistake. If only because, that the current "Oilman" Read more »

From ship to ball: dance with perspective

Gazprom-Yugra opened the official season with an internal setting - to consider the preliminary part of the Russian Cup as part of the pre-season preparation. For the people of Surgut, this is a traditional story called "from the ship to the ball" and today we performed a rather incendiary dance with the Belgorod "Belogorye". In the first set, the debutant was embarrassed - Belogorye, after all, managed to play a full-fledged Spartakiad, and we, what Read more »

We start in the Russian Cup. First opponent - Belogorye

13 September Gazprom-Ugra will play the first official match of the season, he is, in principle, the first "test of the pen", except for training meetings with Yugra-Samotlor. The preliminary part of the Cup of Russia is considered by our club as part of the pre-season preparation, and sparring partners we are waiting for the most serious. At first, is a 10-time and current owner of the Russian Cup "Zenit-Kazan", second - eight-time trophy winner Read more »

"Gazprom-Ugra" dressed up

Superleague clubs one by one present the game kit of the new season, we did it before everyone else - still 27 may! But the combat kits finally reached Surgut, and "Gazprom-Yugra" compared the reconstruction. The visual image came out classically Nordic, with reimagined and refined familiar elements, the color scheme has slightly changed - we already talked about this in May. Read more »

Mamadou Seydou Mbengue will try to get into Gazprom-Ugra

Volleyball player Mamadou Seydou Mbenge is going to Surgut to watch. Black Africans, yes, even growing 217 cm, have not been seen in the Russian Super League - hence the natural desire of journalists and stakeholders to do something at this event, what is PR. meanwhile, the most common event, routine. Let's open the "terrible" secret - in Surgut, like in any other Read more »

We are from gas

There are three big holidays in Surgut - New Year, City Day and Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers. It's time for the third, but not in importance - the professional holiday of oil and gas workers. It is impossible to break the history of great Siberian oil and gas from the history of Surgut and Yugra. In the last half century this, in fact, the same story. Impossible Read more »

Two freight trains in Nizhnevartovsk

26 and 27 August Gazprom-Ugra visited Nizhnevartovsk, where he played two friendly matches with Yugra-Samotlor. On the first day the game ended with a unique score for volleyball 2:2 – by agreement, the opponents played four sets. The first two games were left for Surgutians with the same score 25:19, in the third and fourth we lost 24:26 and 17:25 respectively. Three Read more »

Andrey Chirkov: "We are preparing future champions"

Surgut youth team is not just a team of YUKIOR, acting in MVL, and a whole system of training young talents. What is it and how does it work? We talked about this with the head coach of YUKIOR Andrey Chirkov. Andrey Alekseevich, what is “hidden” behind the YUKIOR sign? A lot of everything! This is the club ideology., which is supported by the district authorities and the leadership of the Yugorsky Read more »