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Four factors for a miracle

Gazprom-Yugra begins the second round of the championship at home with its opponent in its debut match in the Super League, Belgorod "Belogorye". In Tula we lost 0:3, what can change now? In October, Chinese player Zhang Jingyin had not yet joined Belogorye, did not play Mohammed al-Hachdadi, Alexey Rodichev was not part of Gazprom-Yugra.

Now Belgorod residents come not in the best mood, having lost the last three matches to Kuzbass, "Ural" and "Yenisei". obviously, that they need victory in Surgut like air. We won’t talk about our series - in the last matches we fight with the leaders, but, of course, missed opportunities in the match against St. Petersburg Zenit also wear down the players from within.

Objectively, Belogorye is stronger, they are favorites. But even the favorites lose, if they encounter more than just decent resistance, but face real problems. What can we offer our opponent in this sense?? At first, mood. You can’t go onto the site with a thought, that the opponent is stronger, you have to chew teraflex for every ball. but this, as the game with Zenit showed, not enough.

Volleyball is a game of mistakes. Volleyball skill: allow as little defects as possible while maintaining a high level of play, creating problems for the opponent. Sounds simple in words, in reality it's much more complicated. Volleyball players are not robots, even an element sharpened a thousand times can break at any moment. Why does it depend? Often, from psychology. "Lost concentration", "not tuned in", “burnt out”, etc.. d.

Now our team is under the pressure of defeats, responsibility, cost of error. I would remember the first one (yes and the second one) playoff match of the last championship with the same Belogorye. Then in Surgut we showed perhaps the best volleyball of the season, losing only in a tiebreaker. Then the players said, what, completing the task for the season, exhaled, loosened up and - “flew”. Us, perhaps, It’s worth somehow “catching” that spring mood, that courage.

What do we lose, losing to Belogorya? Never mind. We've already been listed as losers, many have already mentally given us the steering wheel. maybe, you need to “lose” this match in your head, to go into the match with the feeling of a second chance. Here's the court, here's the ball, here's your opponent - prove it, what can you do better?, that you can “replay” this match again, not just in my head, but also in life. And since this is a “second chance”, then let the responsibility weigh on Belogorye, who needs to win a nosebleed. In this situation, we will have a psychological advantage and something might work out.

Secondly, competent tactical analysis is already the destiny of the coaching staff. The futility of even the most powerful serves in the Belogorye libero is obvious in the presence of Zhang on the court, obviously, that Pavel Tetyukhin loves discounts and wagering on hands, and the same Zhang takes on the attack with physics, that Roman Poroshin will feed the center of the net, so that later you can spread the block with a pipe and quickly play around the edges. This is the ABC, the analysis will be much deeper and it is important to stick to the chosen model, stick to your line.

Thirdly, it is necessary to cover problem areas. Alexey Rodichev fully returned to Surgut in the match against Zenit, but Ivan Korotaev failed, and in reception, and in attack. There is no way we can play fully in the final game. We have a second center problem, that is, there is no second central, similar in level to Petar Krsmanovic. Returning Dmitry Kurbatov generally looked good, but he needs stability. These two positions are a third of the team, so many. If you can pull them up, there will be a completely different picture.

Well, fourthly, our fans, seventh player on the court. Your support is extremely important, loud support, putting pressure on the opponent and inspiring its players. This factor is important in connection with the psychological attitude towards the game, maintaining the necessary tone, with playing to the limit and beyond one's capabilities. When the fans drive forward, players can do miracles. Let's try to create this miracle together, 12 January at the Premier Arena, beginning in 19 hours.