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"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Rodichev – Korotaev, Krsmanovich – Kurbatov, Obmochaev/Nagaets

"Belogorye" (Belgorod): Poroshin – Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Chervyakov – Tsepkov, Bragin/Krotkov

The outcome of all three sets did not correspond to the logic of their development. So, in the opening game the fight was equal until the mark 14:14 (Only Shevlyakov, who appeared on the site, scored a block against Tsepkov.) and, as they say, there were no signs. But Pavel Tetyukhin came out to serve at Belogorye and knocked out Rodichev and Obmochaev, 14:18. Shevlyakov once again shut down his opponent, this time Chervyakova, 17:21, but in the end the guests responded with a new breakthrough, grabbing his namesake Skvortsov, who came out instead of Korotaev, in the fourth zone and dragging down Rajab’s attack along the line with Krotkov’s efforts, 17:24. Maxim Kirillov, who came on instead of Ozhiganov, put the finishing touches with a serve into touch..

The returning Ozhiganov started the second set with an ace. (2:1), but then made several poor-quality passes and again gave way to Kirillov. Meanwhile the score grew to 4:8, and Radjab was replaced diagonally by another YUKIOR player Alexander Krasilnikov. Half of Gazprom-Yugra's staff (Skvortsov, Kirillov, Krasilnikov) played a match in the MVL with ASK-2 on the same day and proved her right to play in the Super League. Skvortsov hammers a pipe, 5:8, Krasilnikov plays in defense, but Rodichev doesn’t help out in the fourth zone, alternating blows to block and out, 5:11.

After the hosts' time-out, Kirillov won the net, but the score was slowly heading towards defeat, 10:16. Galimov and Tetyukhin play reliably for Belogorye, Al-Khachdadi helps out in difficult situations on knocked-out balls. But Tetyukhin hits out, and Shevlyakov again stands out with his block immediately after entering the court - this time the pipe performed by Galimov was closed. Poroshin insists on pipe, and in vain - the completion of the game through Shevlyakov is proof of this. And when Kirillov blocks Al-Khachdadi’s attack, the scoreboard is already working 15:17 and Alexander Volkov is forced to take a time out.

Closer to the end, the duel of diagonals is won by the Moroccan guest, 16:20. But the residents of Surgut do not give up: Skvortsov is removed on a high ball, Krsmanovic closes the barrier in front of Chervyakov. And then Al-Khachdadi, who worked like a machine, twice fails to find the line in attack, 21:21. Masliev, who replaced Galimov, knocks twice on the block, 22:21. at level 22:22 Rajab hits the baseline - the referees call out, Surgut residents want to check, but the video viewings have ended at this point. Rajab restores score and justice. 25:25, Kirillov again grabs Al-Khachdadi in the fourth zone and brings Gazprom-Yugra a set point, which Rajab wants to implement right from the start, risks, aut. But Tetyukhin succeeds: a breaking serve and a roll of the diagonal “Belogorye” into the “cauldron” plus a clean ace make the difference necessary for victory, 26:28.

In the third game there is an equal fight 11:11 ends with a mini-spurt by the hosts: Skvortsov serves great, Rajab converts the final goal, 13:11. Long draw, Al-Khachdadi and Tetyukhin do not pass, Skvortsov clogs the pipe, 15:13. “Belogorye” has arguments every time, to even the score: attacks by Tsepkov and Al-Khachdadi, Tetyukhin's serve again, pushed a difficult ball under Masliev's block, 17:17.

Another “escape” of the owners 20:18 the guests eliminate Podrebinkin, who came out especially for this mission, with a diagonal attack and an ace. Block Rajabu - and Belogorye takes the lead for the first time in a long time, 20:21. Skvortsov scores (21:21), but gets it wrong, and Tetyukhin punishes, 21:23. Krsmanovic scores and gives way to Krasilnikov on serve - the young diagonal misses and brings Belogorye two match points. The final rally is protracted and double-edged, there is a series of hits on the block followed by insurance, Surgut residents wear Nagaets, and the decisive blow is a backhand strike on the hands performed by Masliev.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Head coach of VC Belogorye Alexander Volkov: Today we have such a very nervous game. A series of disappointing defeats, It was very important for us to turn this situation around and win, that's what we did. Well done guys, fought to the last. Even if something didn’t work out somewhere, we only moved forward. We, Unfortunately, a series of injuries and those, who stood today are those, who could participate. I think, when a fan watches the fight, it's always interesting, no defeat at all, no other way. To a greater extent, we coped with aggressive serving: well served, pushed the opposing team away from the net and reacted well to what was happening.

Captain of the Belogorye VC Pavel Tetyukhin: I would like to say thank you to the Surgut team, It's always hard to play here, It's always the fans who get the team going, the team always plays. The first batch seemed nondescript, nondescript, in the second we lost a lot, but young guys came out, they have nothing to lose, there is nothing to be afraid of - and Surgut, at home as usual, gave a good confrontation. Our game hasn't been going well lately, and it's more of a psychologically important thing., that we won a tough match.

The match was really tense, the two endings are very even, somewhere it’s just our experience compared to young guys, who fought there, made himself known. Somewhere less mistaken, somewhere they played carefully. Overall a smooth game, the quality was good, and in defense, and in attack. Surgut, apparently, he sorted us out well, we jumped in the center - that’s why the pipe worked well for us today. The central ones there were also not made with a finger, guys know how to block, choose a position, read the game. Yes, and in the regions they blocked well today, in principle, we didn’t do everything well in attack today, but great, that we have turned this situation around, at the right moment this “garter” in the center was used. Good match, good emotions.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Denys Harkushenko: Our youth came out today and didn’t shy away. The guys were playing in the Youth League literally two hours before the game, beat a serious opponent, and they had the strength and impudence of some kind of sports. Unfortunately, lost endings in two games. Probably, I didn't have enough experience, Belgorod served very well. We more or less coped with the reception, but in the end what is the second, that in the third game they pinned us down on serve, we couldn't get these endings out. And in the first game everything was decided by Tetyukhin’s serve, only in the middle of the set. Life doesn't end here, we still have many matches in the championship, we'll try to climb higher.



Date Time Championship
12.01.2024 19:00 CR 2023-2024


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1826220
Belogorie (Belgorod)2528253


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