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Another five sets

In the debut of the match, Surgut residents let the rival go 1:4, immediately overtook (5:5) and an equal game ensued, which Gazprom-Yugra pulled over to its side with a block to Viecki and Titich (17:14). In the end, ASK got close to the efforts of Titic (20:19), but Melnikov did not submit, and Kirillov, who came on as a substitute, made it difficult for the Volzhans to receive - Viyetsky and Valeev did not cope with heavy Read more »

Experience + Titic defeated youth

Gazprom-Yugra staged another thriller, losing on the "flag" to the Nizhny Novgorod ASK. The game started with two aces of Dovgan, Fialkovsky, and the opponent was just waking up - 11:5. Having adjusted the flow, Volzhans pulled up a little in the account, but Gazprom-Yugra acted as a clear mechanism and brought the matter to success, 25:18 after the attack by Shahbanmirzaeva. The hosts also started the second set cheerfully, covering the Viecki block Read more »

We're back in the race

This weekend we have a third consecutive double weekend, in which Gazprom-Yugra has good chances to replenish the reserve of victories and points. But it will be hard. And when it was easy? It was definitely not easy with ASK - last season we lost twice to Nizhny Novgorod in tie-breaks. maybe, it's time to pay off debts. In the camp of our rivals for a year Read more »

Derby aftertaste

18 and 19 January "Star of Yugra" held two principal meetings with neighbors from "University". Our neighborhood and geographical, and in the standings. And if Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk are unlikely to change places on the map, then in the table they could well - in the case of a double success of the Surgut. The first match created all the prerequisites for this, even dressed up Read more »

I wanted more

Yes, our team lacked a little, to complete the maximum program and earn six Victory Points in the fifth, home tour. Need to say, that the team from Nizhnevartovsk did not play well, but it cannot be called weak either. Games were equal rivals, which confirmed the score of the second day of the short Ugra tour. First set. The guards led, but "Star" quickly Read more »

The first – in the new year

The anthem of Russia was played, the first batch has begun. After the submission of the guards Alexander Slobodyanyuk, opened an account with an attack - 1:0. Further – our feed to the network and in the opening is still not clear. "University" has a two-point lead, but we compare the score and go ahead, – 8:7. After a long inter-game break, the first set is sighting. The "Zvezda" Read more »

Ugra games. Fifth round

The fifth round of the Youth League starts and the first games in the new 2021 year. Tour - short, but very important for the Surgut team. We meet our neighbors from Nizhnevartovsk. Four previous rounds, the athletes of the "University" traveled with the "Star of Yugra" and now it's time for the Ugra teams to fight on the volleyball court. We really need these victories, to gain a foothold in the top six Read more »

With the last bit of strength

In the dramatic ending, Gazprom-Yugra managed to save the game and deservedly earned the fifth victory in the last six matches. And it all began, just like a day ago, from the swing. In the opening, the hosts were leading most of the set, but allowed themselves to be overtaken at the mark 20:20. Melnikov won a key point with a short serve (21:23) and the pine fighters through the efforts of Alekseev and Biryukov put the squeeze on Read more »