Rematch for the first round

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Krasikov, Kabeshov/Nagaec

Yenisei: Osipov - Yakovlev, Kritsky – Brazhnyuk, Dmitriev - Valeev, Janutov

The debut of the match was left to the guests, 2:5. Two aces of Ozhiganov allowed the hosts to feel the ground under their feet (7:7) and even come forward after attacking Rajab on the crash ball, 11:10. But the well-started Krasikov stalled on the net, standard requested admission, Yakovlev played out - and now 14:18 after the ace of the diagonal Krasnoyarsk. Alekseev appears instead of Shakhbanmirzaev, instead of Krasikov - Botin, and Piun receives the first pass of the set at the mark 16:21. At the end of Botin's attack, Alekseeva and the mistake of the Krasnoyarsk people on the block outline quite promising 20:22, but Piun unsuccessfully engaged in self-insurance, and Valeev dotted the "i".

In the second game, a tactical serve to the players of Yenisei worked – time after time they deprived Osipov of a comfortable refinement, and on high passes to the edges of the attackers, Piun and Co. were waiting. Milan Katic’s appearance also gave the hosts confidence – the reception was stabilized. Valeev hits twice out of bounds, then gets stuck in the block and breaks the reception, changing account from 6:6 on 10:6. Three blocks are issued to Yakovlev in the fourth zone, Piun in slippers covers Brazhnyuk, 19:10. Instead of Valeev, Maxim Bocharov appears on the site and does not spoil the mass, but little depends on his actions. However, it is his submission to the grid that makes the final diagnosis, 25:15.

The game was even throughout the third set., in which a small handicap, mined by Makarenko ace in Valeeva (8:6) lost with two attacks in touch along the Alekseev line (11:12). Yanutov tired of looking, how the players suffer in the reception - he literally pushes them away, taking the glider from above. "Yenisei" begins to come off on the mistakes of Surgut: Ozhiganov got into the net, Alekseev - stuck in the block, Bocharov implements another break, 13:16. Rajab reappears on the court and ensures the leveling of the game. Yakovlev takes risks on the emergency ball - into the net, 18:20. Dmitriev did not cover the ball with a brush - out, 20:21. Rajab dragged the chase to the mark 22:23 and after the excellent game of the opponent in defense, he had, Nevertheless, every chance to score and equalize, but… out and 22:24. The opponent also trembled: Yakovlev serves outside the court and Kritsky sends the ball there in a 100% position, 24:24. On the second attempt, the central one is removed, and then the guests pull out Katic's attacks three times in defense, responding with a decisive blow from Yakovlev.

In fact, the third set was key. In the fourth game "Yenisei", inspired by previous ending, worked wonders on defense, giving little to finish off the floor. Yanutov held the reception and dragged everything that was possible and impossible on the back line, young Bocharov excelled in attack, "woke up" Dmitriev. The hosts seem to have overtaken the opponent on the powerful innings of Rajab, issued an ace (10:14 – 14:14), but then fortune finally turned away from the Surgut people. Bocharov hits out - but Kurbatov gets into the net at the same time, 16:18. Yanutov drags Makarenko's attack and Yakovlev gets another break, 16:19. Surgutians do not take risks on the pitch, receiving discounts from Osipov and attacks from Kritsky, then Kovalikov, who came out to serve, knocks Katic out of the reception with a glider and Rajab catches the cable in the fight for the net ball, which he seems to have won, 17:21. "Gazprom-Yugra" still managed to sneak up on the workers 20:22, as in the first set, but the competent work of Dmitriev on an organized block and two aces of Osipov (Alas, it is already a sad tradition for the people of Surgut to end games and matches in this way) quickly closed the question of the winner.

"Yenisei" as a whole looked more organized and cohesive, compensating for failures in attack with excellent defense and aggressive serve. The hosts played in waves, the line-up was shuffled during the meeting, and the optimal combination and game rhythm were never found.

Comments after the game:

Yuri Marinin, senior coach of VC "Enisey": “Now there are such games, each for two, for three wins. If we lost today and won ASK, they would have beaten us. And so we keep parity for now, very happy to win. We succeeded in receiving and playing at the first pace, when the first tempo was tied up, it became easier for the edges to play. The first two games went first into one, then the other way, well, then, I think, The audience became very interested.

Alexander Gorbatkov, senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra".: “Some endings didn’t finish, failed. We will work on it. Something is missing. Lack of composition, crashes happen all the time. Let's try to restore it all and is already preparing for other matches in a combat state. Many thanks to the fans, Today was a full house, hurt so good. We will try to live up to their expectations.”.

Player of VK "Gazprom-Ugra" Maxim Kirillov: “The opponent had a good defense, they got many balls and due to this they got their break balls. This allowed them to make a break and confidently go. We played average overall., was a marriage, a lot of failures".



Date Time Championship
15.02.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)212524201
Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)251526253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"