Verification by Orenburg

Tours fly in a continuous stream - games through 2-3 day, time just for that, to get to a new place and test. Players try to stay in a resource state, coaching staffs on the go analyze the opponent. Even for my amateurish analytics there is no place, so i skip traditional reviews of upcoming matches: better than nothing, than on the fly. Well, in principle, a certain sanitary informational pause was needed before the match with Yenisei, which could have been more successful for us.

The last two games should be quickly forgotten and focused on the match with Neftyanik, which will become for Gazprom-Ugra the key. If we win, we move the play-out to a working distance, give in - and get involved in the basement showdown. And then this calendar, that it will be more and more difficult to look for new chances.

What We Can't Do? impose your game, dictate terms, play number one. When it turns out, we have 25:15, as in the second game against Krasnoyarsk. But the opponent adapted, but we couldn’t offer anything else - and woo a la.

You can talk a lot about our resources, but what is what is. In fact, not everything is so bad: Respect to Dmitry Krasikov, He has done well in recent games., especially in attack and serve. A full-fledged return of Milan Katic should cement the reception. The center has questions only to Dmitry Kurbanov, yes, something needs to be done about it.. Vadim Ozhiganov plays unevenly, but pleases, that an intelligible play of the binder appears, and not a passer - there is a thin, but very important difference. A pair of Nikita Alekseev and Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev is at least interchangeable, giving a field for variability in the diagonal. Our liberos are very good in defense, it remains to stabilize the reception and more carefully refers to the backup function of the binder in emergency situations. The role of Dmitry Makarenko, like a captain, with all the nuances of his game, it is difficult to overestimate.

The main thing is that there is a team, who wants to win. In Orenburg, this desire is quite realizable, with all due respect to the opponent. Neftyanik is a strong team, with a pronounced leader of attacks in the person of Vitaly Vasiliev, capable of punishing failures and confusion on the other side of the grid. The task is obvious: prevent these failures, play whole, aggressively, the same number one. The match will not be easy from a psychological point of view - defeats put pressure on, and functional – fatigue accumulates, but you need to find reserves in yourself and present at the right time something, which provides, in the end, victory: Confidence in your strength, the desire to play every episode to the maximum.

G, of course, our children need our support more than ever, even at TV screens and computer monitors. This energy is transferred, trust. We believe in each and everyone together, not yet in optimal condition after injury, what can we win.