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All victories matter, this one especially

Oilman: Ushkov - Vasiliev, Andreev - Kranin, Panov - Nikishin, Maksymenko

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Nagaec/Kabeshov

Surgut won a very important victory in Orenburg, which somewhat calmed the claims of the hosts for the playoffs, a, that is, in place of Gazprom-Ugra. The first two games painfully resembled the scenario of the previous match between our team and Enisey. Slight advantage in the first game (13:11) we suddenly lost by our own actions: Alekseev failed to replay the block, Ozhiganov gave a bad pass, for which the retribution came in the form of Vasiliev's counterattack, 13:15. After two successful attacks by Piun, we were one step away from the balance, but Katic did not realize the replay (20:22). In the meantime, the coaching staffs arranged tactical games with double substitutions, slightly cooled Ozhiganov made a fatal marriage in the program, 21:24.

In the second set, that in the last victorious match, the main scorer of the team, Dmitry Yakovlev, did not particularly prove himself, we rushed forward, and the opponent faltered and began to give points serially. The exit of Rajab greatly contributed to vigor, Ozhiganov, like in Surgut, issued an ace (13:4), and to complete the game was a matter of technique. But such an easy victory instilled fear: how will things go on? Will the Surgut scenario of the previous tour be completely repeated??

Not repeated, although there was a moment ... After an equal start (6:6) the hosts took the break with Vasiliev's counterattack (6:8), and only Danilov's kick into touch allowed us to play in the next line-up. Then Rajab took the floor - a point on the removal from the second attempt and a single block to the same Danilov. Nikishin returns to the site, and Vasiliev hits out, 10:8. Surgut residents are starting to slowly scratch out bonuses: Piun closes Kranin, 12:9, Rajab in the fourth zone stops Panov, 17:13. Taking control of the game, "Gazprom-Ugra" did not allow failures and having the hot hand of Rajab in its arsenal, approached the endgame with a comfortable edge 23:17. Set-ball with a blow to the block was brought to us by the former Surgut citizen Ivan Nikishin, played it myself, and then Rakhmatullin performed an ace - the ball flew into touch, but Katic instinctively snatched it at a tangent. There was a slight tension removed by the server himself, by sending the next projectile into the net.

Starting impulse of the guests in the fourth set (4:1) the owners managed to put out: Karpenko equalized with a prudent "shortening" on the serve to the second zone, 5:5. Rajab attacks out of bounds, Makarenko sends the ball to the same place after an unsuccessful pass, and we are already in the red, 7:9. After Panov's ace - again a short serve under Katic's feet - it became completely alarming, 8:11. The situation was leveled with two blocks of Karpenko, 11:11. We passed the key segment in the middle of the set successfully on the captain's feelings and Makarenko's experience, who was successful three times, despite the most difficult circumstances. And then Khaibulov played someone else's ball, and we got a distance from the opponent of two break balls, 17:14. Makarenko did not rest on his laurels and issued an ace on Nikishin, 20:16.

The oilman felt, that the game floats away, and included internal reserves. Great Defense: Kurbatov's encroachments were beaten off in one draw (twice), Rajab and Krasikova, but the third shot of our central still go to the site, 21:17. With the score 22:19 Kozitsyn comes out to serve instead of Vasilyev for the hosts – at least, interesting move. And it worked! A sharp glider led to a knocked out reception and Rajab's attack to the block, 22:20. The next draw is valid and, perhaps, decisive: hosts drag Krasikov's kick, waiting and mitigating with Piun's block, take the initiative - but Nikishin does not beat the block, 23:20. Not all: again a protracted draw with an abundance of protection, we have reliable Kabeshov, and Makarenko in a difficult situation through the touch of the block brings the match ball, 24:20. Gazprom-Ugra has every chance to finish the match, but Piun, due to the situation, folds in the final game - with an error. Then pass to the wrong Rajab, diagonal brakes, but still finds an opportunity to go around the block along the line, 25:21.



Date Time Championship
18.02.2023 18:00 CR 2022-2023


Oilman (Orenburg)251319211
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)222525253

Oilman (Orenburg)

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Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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