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round twenty-fifth: finish line

Yes, I haven’t picked up checkers for a long time… I mean, I missed two rounds. The reasons are different, from the machine-gun transience of games to the lack of Wi-Fi in places, where have you been. While our forecast announcements were on reboot, championship finalized, who is fighting for what and reached the finish line. Let's look at the disposition and try to guess, what awaits us in the 25th round.

More recently, both teams licked their lips at the top four, but the locomotive, seem to be, no longer catch up. That is, struggle for higher places for a comfortable exit to the quarterfinals. Despite the difference in one victory, "Belogorye" after the victory over "Zenith" looks like a notable favorite. But this is the danger - the opponent is not at all simple and can wait for his chance. Playing integrity begins to catch up with the obvious trump cards of Belogorye: the same Ruslan Galimov almost stopped dropping out of the orchestra. Dynamo-LO has one condition, in which they can compete - if the setters get up on the wrong foot. And Jovovich, and Strilchuk play unevenly, why the whole team can be in a fever. And the team is good., in the rematch and the center at least will not yield.

Don't even know, who needs more. "Ural" after a visit to Krasnoyarsk yearns for revenge, "Oilman" after the defeat from Surgut should cling to any chances, if he wants to playoffs. Can, Orenburgers need it more, but they are unlikely to be able to pull the game. Playing in waves, there is a noticeable lack of stability, away wins are hard to come by. And the owners have someone to walk on top of the block, and who will break this block. A loaded Ural should be enough for the Neftyanik.

In Krasnoyarsk, they caught courage and are unlikely to stumble on the last Superleague team. Even if everything, who enchanted with "Ural", will not tune in properly - there is someone in the team to shake up the team and beat the Minskers at least by experience, at least be patient. The Builder's tactics are similar to desperation: get the most out of yourself, making along the way a lot of inevitable mistakes with this approach. If it goes, may be enough for one set, especially since Enisey loses one set in recent matches quite easily. Two is unlikely.

Novosibirsk shook up and showed, what if they dropped out of the medal race, it's very close. Fourth place is almost in your pocket, but it does not mean, that Plamen Konstantinov will send a reserve into battle. Moreover, the concept of a reserve in Loko is very conditional: in some positions, the reservists will give a hundred points ahead to the basis of most opponents, and on others, these same reservists play the whole season. Generally, hosts have little chance, despite all the experience and ability to endure.

And here it will be interesting. Interesting, in what condition will Kuzbass get out from near Kazan, interesting, how and by whom Zenit will lick their wounds after Belogorye. Kluka needs restoration, Yakovlev plays with the harness, yes, and fatigue from defeats can accumulate and result in a traditional St. Petersburg spleen. I think, St. Petersburg will try to win with the same resources, that were in Tula - margin of safety, in theory, should be enough. Alexey Babeshin has his own headache before the impending playoffs, expressed in game instability. Sure, it's not shameful to lose in Kazan, another thing, that there are a lot of questions left after such a test. Petersburgers will arrange a lighter exam, but it will take a lot of effort to pass it. As a result, I wang, that "Kuzbass" will build on the opponent's game, trying to influence the identified pain points. So the outcome is more dependent on the guests - how they go.

Sergei Grankin's meeting with the "former" is a plot. Otherwise, there is no particular intrigue, Dynamo players are simply more qualified. Sure, divine inspiration may descend on the fighters of Roman Yakovlev, and then we'll see the fight. In which Dynamo will win anyway – for the reason stated above and in view of the accumulated experience of victories through resistance.