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"Ural" is approaching the "Yenisei"

Attempts to extract intrigue from the confrontation between Yenisei and Ural were unsuccessful - Ural did not really want to invest, and Enisey simply could not do it after the difficult matches the day before. Ural responded to Brazhnyuk's ace in the debut with shots right through from Gutsalyuk (3:3), Feoktistova (6:6), Rybakova (14:13), and again Feoktistova (18:14) and Gutsalyuk (23:19). The scales have tipped Read more »

Gazprom-Ugra pleases fans

The second match of the day was much more meaningful and quality, and dramaturgy, than the duel between Ural and Neftyanik. Although the first set did not seem to involve a fight, the internal disagreement of Krasnoyarsk residents with what is happening on the site was read without words. And that happened, what the hosts showed in the debut of volleyball of a fairly high level, and the guests made a lot of mistakes. Not at ease Read more »

Nobody wanted to win

commands, not used to playing two days in a row (and there is still a third day!), came to the site in a rather lethargic state. Didn't feel at all, that for "Neftyanik" the game can be fateful - apparently, in Orenburg have already come to terms with the last place. Instead of Dmitry Yakovlev, Ilnur Rakhmatullin appeared in the diagonal, and the first set went with an overwhelming advantage of "Ural". Read more »

Won real, looked to the future

that Verbov knows the opponent from the inside and will sort it out to the bone, these would be passions - yes in the playoffs! commands, fighting for survival, shown in Surgut, what is it like to fight to the last. About the first meeting, in which Neftyanik lost even the theoretical chances of leaving the last place, can be read here, but also the second pair of commands, entered the Premier Arena, was no less interesting.. At Gazprom-Ugra and Ural Read more »

Thriller at the start

The first play-out match in Surgut turned into a volleyball thriller. Yenisei, ahead of Neftyanik by five wins, barely got a win over an underdog in a tie-break. In the first game, the "rise-coup" "Oilman" made from the account 11:13. He threw gliders at Todor Skrimov, the Orenburgers achieved a knocked-out reception from the opponent and waited, when the Bulgarian legionnaire also falls under the block, 16:13. Then Read more »

Who is who in playout

This is not what we wanted, play-out participants can say. But you have to play until the end, fight - if not for tournament heights, it's for survival. Something tells, that these battles can cost the entire playoffs and heat, and level of play: after all, the teams gathered are not simple and extremely motivated. Let's try to approach the presentation of the tour in an original way and look at Read more »

Five Patterns of the Playoffs

We already had five paradoxes - it's time for patterns. Pattern one: everything according to plan The playoffs came out as short as possible - only eight matches, six ended dry, not a single tie-break. They won, which is typical, those commands, which were higher in the regular season. Without much stress. Intrigue, supposedly laid down in St. Petersburg, did not find continuation in Nizhny Novgorod. Chance Read more »

Together is more interesting

22 April Gazprom-Yugra held a master class at the Yermak Olympic Reserve sports school for students of the volleyball department 12-16 years old. Dmitry Krasikov, Ivan Lukyanenko, Aleksey Kabeshov and Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev, under the guidance of senior coach Anton Malyshev, had a joint training session with the guys, and then played a mini-tournament, divided into four teams under the "leadership" of professional athletes. The winner in the "carousel" on the site, by the way, So Read more »

After 26: top six

Playoffs are on, and we are just finishing the summing up of the regular season. It's okay - sometimes it's good to look at an event with a slight delay. And our seven-month-long event requires unhurried reflection, unlike fleeting and emotional knockout games. This is where you will find answers to many questions., that may arise along the way Read more »

Five playoff start paradoxes

We did not have time to sum up the results of the regular season, How did the first playoffs go?. Nothing, we will finish with regularity a bit later, and now five thoughts on the fight for the Final Six Paradox No. 1 The hottest fight was not between neighbors in the standings. Dynamo-LO finished with Yugra-Samotlor without any problems, and Belogorye took out Kuzbass. At the same time finishing Read more »