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YUKIOR is the leader of MVL

The Gazprom-Yugra youth team returned from the second round of the MVL championship as the leader of the standings. The team has seven wins in eight matches, including four out of four in Ufa. In the treasury of Ugra residents 22 points, Kuzbass-2 is two points behind, by 18 points in the assets of the capital's Dynamo-Olympus, "Fakela-2" and "Dynamo-LO-2".

Compared to the first round, the team lost help in the person of Vasily Tarasenko, storming the top of the Super League, Maxim Kirillov also did not stay for the last two games, joined the main team in Novy Urengoy. Nevertheless, after two dry victories over Neftyanik-UOR from Orenburg and Berkut Ural-BashGAU, the result was repeated on the third and fourth game days, only with the bill 3:1.

Senior coach Yukior Artem Khabibullin: "I'm pleased with that, how we played this tour. We had 13 people and everyone contributed, there was no such thing, that seven people stood and won. Let's say, in the first game with Ufa, Krasilnikov gave a performance, Skvortsov scored in the second game against Orenburg, in the last match - Gusamov. The guy came out and, can say, turned the game around. It happened, that three setters played: Kirillov, Kachurov, Marin. Each of them has its big pros and cons, which we will work on.

12 points from 12 - That's great, but I understand perfectly well, hope, the guys understand this too, that we haven't played with top teams yet. It's too early to rejoice, You can’t relax – it might “fly” right away. But run ahead, at your own speed, easier, and not like the last two seasons, when we had to catch up with the leaders".

YUKIOR will have to meet one of the top teams - Dynamo-Olympus - in the next round, which starts in Moscow 31 October. Another rival of the Yugra residents is Soligrian Shakhtar-2., who took four points (winning and losing in tiebreaker) at St. Petersburg "Zenit-2". The whole fight is still ahead, but we still congratulate the youth on an excellent intermediate result.