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Tried to stop Lokomotiv

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Bessogonov, Kabeshov/Nagaets Lokomotiv: Abaev - Kazachenkov, Perrin - Kurbanov, Lyzik-Chereisky, Martynyuk The hosts started the meeting quite cheerfully, biting off the opponent's break after break: 2:1, 5:3, 9:6, 12:7... The feed to Kurbanov worked, on high balls, Lokomotiv's attacks were softened by a block and returned through Alekseev and Makarenko. 12-it is Read more »

On the way to Lokomotiv

Will Gazprom-Ugra be able to stop Lokomotiv?? The task is not easy: Novosibirsk, experienced for a long time noticeable problems due to the serial replenishment of the club infirmary, now gained health and scored a good move. There are still no two main players at the base, Sergei Savin and Alexei Rodichev, but an old acquaintance, John Gordon Perrin, was discharged to help, played for Lokomotiv in the past Read more »

27-first round: easy breathing playoffs

On the 27th round continues to accelerate to the finish line of the preliminary part of the championship. Volleyball in the spring is interesting, teams are either already reaching their maximum, or start to it with the expectation of the playoffs. The game is live, a lot of fire, there are various attendant circumstances - in general, the heat is slowly coming on. The hosts are noticeably more experienced and their motivation is higher. All, what can Read more »

The champion is stronger

Dynamo» (Moscow): Pankov - Shkulyavichus, Podlesnykh - Bogdan, Vlasov - Belogortsev, Kerminen Gazprom-Ugra: Kirillov - Shahbanmirzaev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Bessogonov, Nagaets Surgutians entered the game in a more experimental line-up, than Muscovites. If Dynamo, by and large, only one base player was absent - Sokolov (Semyshev and Bogdan are interchangeable), then we didn't have Read more »

To Moscow to disperse melancholy

After the match with Novaya I want to see, that Gazprom-Ugra is alive. By the will of the calendar, it will not be easy to demonstrate this - now we are in a different weight category. But what to do, if they didn't do their job? We must try to prove - first of all, to ourselves - that not everything is so sad. And it's not even that, to beat Dynamo, and Read more »

26-first round: here comes the volleyball spring

In volleyball, as known, chickens are counted in the spring. 26-The th round rolls into March and continues the final spurt of the Superleague - the teams solve their problems, if not at the very top, then in the middle and at the bottom of the standings. Everyone has their own arguments., ready to transform into facts on the court, the intrigue is alive and pleases someone, and makes someone nervous. Boring Read more »

Not enough "rudeness"

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Kabeshov/Nagaets Nova: Lukyanenko - Litvinov, Stork - Bloodless, Shpilev - Pozdnyakov, Eremin In the debut, the guests broke the equality in the score with two blocks - first they softened Makarenko's attack and got a break through Litvinov (7:9), then covered Katic (8:11). Rajab replied with ace (11:12), but immediately "Nova" issued Read more »

There is someone to win

On Friday, Gazprom-Ugra will play one of the most important matches of the season. The victory in Orenburg slightly moved the contenders for the playoffs from the bottom, but to consolidate the result, it is necessary to take revenge on Nova, in order to further increase the distance before a series of final games with leaders, where to look for victory will be much more difficult. Basically, it's all, what you need to know about motivation before the upcoming Read more »

round twenty-fifth: finish line

Yes, I haven’t picked up checkers for a long time… I mean, I missed two rounds. The reasons are different, from the machine-gun transience of games to the lack of Wi-Fi in places, where have you been. While our forecast announcements were on reboot, championship finalized, who is fighting for what and reached the finish line. Let's look at the disposition and try to guess, Read more »

All victories matter, this one especially

Oilman: Ushkov - Vasiliev, Andreev - Kranin, Panov - Nikishin, Maksimenko Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Nagaets/Kabeshov Surguts won a very important victory in Orenburg, which somewhat calmed the claims of the hosts for the playoffs, a, that is, in place of Gazprom-Ugra. The first two games painfully resembled the scenario of the previous match between our team and Enisey. Read more »