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Gave way in the present, looked to the future

"Torch": Grankin - Babkevich, Melnikov - Dikarev, Dineikin - Sivozhelez, Petrushov/Chanchikov

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Ropavka, Makarenko - Botin, Kabeshov/Nagaec

In the first set, Gazprom-Ugra lost reception and, Consequently, the attackers failed on difficult balls with the opponent's block. Basically, it's all, what can be said about the party. In its second half, Rafael Khabibullin started a restructuring of the composition with an eye to the resuscitation of the struggle: instead of Ozhiganova, ropavki, Botin and Alekseev, Kirillov gradually entered the game, Ionov, Krasikov and Shahbanmirzaev.

In the opening of the second game it seemed, that history repeats itself: we can't beat the opponent's block, and Novy Urengoy notably load us with serve. Ace Melnikova (2:6), can't score from both ends (2:7)... But Krasikov is still removed from the deuce and knocks out an ace (4:7), and then Ionov closes Babkevich with a block, 6:8. The attack still sucks, but Ionov is good on the block - Babkevich is stopped again, 7:9. Starts to score Rajab, and Dineikin, after an excellent serve from Kirillov, attacks on the allotted ball into touch, 12:12.

Another block of Ionov - Dikarev with one hand (!), 15:15. In the ending "Torch" comes with a slight margin, again due to the mistakes of the Surgut people on the grid, 19:21. Rajab is removed from the fourth zone with a sighted coast into the cauldron, then Babkevich scores, but the view fixes the hit of the ball from the side of the hosts from the cable to the antenna: after an excellent serve by Krasikov, the Yamal team barely pulled him out of there, 21:21.

"Torch" again goes forward with a break: Babkevich scores over Makarenko, a Rajab, which is confirmed by the video camera, hits out without touching the block, 21:23. dangerous lag, but the Surguts are fighting: Piun is different in insurance, substitute Botin scores on second try. Then the block catches Babkevich and Dineikin, and Rajab this time finds the edge of the block, 23:23. Between two timeouts by Roman Yakovlev, Piun calmly puts an ace in the corner of the fifth zone, bringing set-ball to Gazprom-Ugra, 24:23.

The situation is turned over by Dineikin and Sivozhelez, and our reception is lame again, 24:25. Surgut block started working again, if Makarenko had not caught the net with his hand, 25:26. Our captain is correcting himself at the reception, and then Rajab and Krasikov fail to do the same, receiving a "reply" from Babkevich, 26:28. Fought with dignity, there was a little lack of resources in the fourth zone.

In the third game, two aces of Maxim Kirillov and a knocked-out “Torch” move between them indicated a serious advantage for the Surgut team by the middle of the set, 13:9. But then the hosts began to “eat up” the backlog ball after ball: two Rajab attacks per block on not the most convenient passes, and the balance restored, 16:16. Substitute Nikita Krot puzzled Krasikov with a "hard" glider - two "thrown out" balls, Botin on the court and 17:20 on the board.

The people of Surgut had the courage to once again restore the balance, 22:22 after two wise Makarenko attacks on high balls - first rebounding from the edge of the block, then roll into an empty zone. But on the mark 23:23 another mini-series, this time negative by Rajab, brought victory to "Torch".

Generally, We lost it, where it was thin: without a quality reception on high balls against a high block of the hosts, our wingers had little chance. But showed character, fought, did not give up and showed a bit of Gazprom-Ugra of the future performed by Kirillov and Ionov. Fakel has an older future and is already dictating its conditions on the site with might and main under the strict guidance of Sergei Grankin.



Date Time Championship
22.10.2022 18:00 CR 2022-2023


Fakel (New Urengoy)2528253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1726230

Fakel (New Urengoy)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS

Photos provided Volleyball club "FAKEL" Novy Urengoy