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Finishing jigsaw puzzles


Ozhiganov-Kirillov; Alekseev-Shahbanmirzaev/Rudnev; Katich, Krasikov, Urmantsev, ?; Krsmanovich, Shevlyakov, Kurbatov, Tebenikhin/Bessogonov; Nagaec, Turdunmamatov.

Equipment: 80%

the main thing: despite the abundance of surnames, the final line-up of the team has not yet been formed. So far, an overabundance of diagonals and the need to create competition in the replay are striking.

Main question: how newcomers from Yekaterinburg will show themselves in the Super League? Surgut has always been a place, where people open up, if they have the necessary capacity to do so.

Trend: own students play an increasingly important role in the team. Apart from those, who is on the list, perhaps, see new, although already familiar faces - for example, the same Skvortsov and Evseev. Rafael Khabibullin says so: "It will be interesting!». So - again it will be interesting.

What to expect: place in the playoffs.


Zhos-Kovalikov; Zemchenok-Sidenko/Rakhmatullin; Panov, Makarenko, Spodobets, ?; Samoilenko, Andreev, Kranin, ?; Maksymenko, Moiseev, Laptev.

Equipment: 90%

the main thing: resources appeared in Orenburg, and the club tried to make the widest possible step in the transfer market. In some way it succeeded more, something less, but generally observed, certainly, transition to a new level. obviously, that the tasks for the team will be set fundamentally different. In fact, we are dealing with a completely new project under the old "sign".

Main question: Will Pavel Borsch, who has not practiced for a long time, be able to successfully revive his coaching career??

Trend: restarting the team with the involvement of experienced (Zemchenok, Makarenko, Samoilenko) and promising (Sidenko, Spodobets) players.

What to expect: place in the playoffs.


Bagrey-Tolok; Radchenko-Nikkel; AKSYUR, Militsky, Kostrov, I messed up; Zemlianko, Kulygin, ?,?; Davletshin, Mellis.

Equipment: 80%

the main thing: another perestroika-reconfiguration in Nizhnevartovsk. But if earlier it was rather a forced measure against the backdrop of the leaders leaving for promotion, now it feels like, that the team is mostly updated at the initiative of the club. 14-e place is “not enough”.

Main question: in the center of the grid. Obvious understaffing, so we are waiting for replenishment.

Trend: in "Samotlor" there are fewer and fewer students.

What to expect: fight for survival.


Dosanj-Terentyev; Papazov-Litvinov; Shpilev, Pozdnyakov, Antonov, Purine; Pawn, Tenants, Rohin, Bloodless; Dragunov, Eremin.

the main thing: Nova learned lessons and strengthened almost all positions. After Ivan Lukyanenko, an Australian with Indian roots, Arshdeep Singh Dosanj, was invited to play the role of a setter. (205 cm).

Main question: the players are diverse, need to reassemble the "orchestra". Will it work?

Trend: Nova does not want to be an outsider, will compete for the playoffs.

What to expect: properly, for the playoffs.

Shakhtar Soligorsk

Kurash-?; Avdochenko-Kulagin; Masko, Richly, Marchenko, Done; Burov, Loshakov, Sych, A mosquito; Drapchinsky, Zaborovsky.

the main thing: composition of the sevenfold (contract!) champion of Belarus is clearly not the final. From familiar surnames, we see the diagonal Pavel Avdochenko, otherwise, the players in Russia are little known. Surely the club will try to strengthen after the news of joining the Super League.

Main question: what is miner? The answer for today is the team, least, stronger than the Minsk "Builder", once regularly beats the Minskers in the national championship.

Trend: Belarusian club in the Super League. Home games, by the way, Belarusians will be held there, where and "Builder" – in the Minsk Palace of Sports "Uruchie".

What to expect: to fight for survival.

Resume: due to the redistribution of players within the Superleague and the influx from outside, competition in the coming season should increase due to pulling outsiders and middle peasants to a higher level. Tops remained tops and hardly anyone will seriously encroach on their hegemony, but immediately after them the struggle will be tougher and denser.

curious: despite a certain staff shortage, from conditionally free players (those, who have left their teams without an announced transfer to another club to date) you can create a whole team. Judge for yourself: setters Lukyanenko and Khaibulov, diagonal Vasiliev and Dyachkov, players Berezhko, Rodichev, Karpukhov, Inner, central Tkachev, Ropavka, Beard, Kozitsyn, Libero Kabeshov and Dyakov. And this is not a complete list..