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Putting the puzzles on


Grankin-Vyshnikov; Babkiewicz-Enns; Dinekin, Gray iron, Yutsevich, Morozov; Dikarev, Kovalchuk, Melnikov, ?; Danani, Andreev/Petrushov (?).

Equipment: 90%

the main thing: the story of "Grankin and the guys" continues. The guys are good, mostly youth on the rise. Beyond Grankin, there was a reference veteran point in the form of Sivozhelez, Sergey's qualified comrade from "Berlin" Danani will drive up. The team is capable of surprises. It is not very clear that the resignation of Roman Yakovlev from the post of head coach, but you can see from the inside.

Main question: the speed and progress ceiling of most of the composition. Almost everything depends on it.. Well, the actual role of Grankin in the team.

Trend: Fakel puts on the wings the second generation of young and promising. Feels like, the first generation was more powerful (Volkov, The gossip, Yakovlev, Vlasov, Bogdan), but these guys can also provide Novy Urengoy with a place at the top of the standings.

What to expect: fight for a place in the top five.


?-Ivanov; ?-?; Pyatyrkin, Valeev, Antonov, Mozzhukhin; Panasenko, Zakhvatenkov, Nikonenko, Demakov; Zelenkov, Ischenko.

Equipment: 50%

the main thing: ASK suffered the fate of poor "upstarts" - the team was dismantled. The club was left without a main binder, diagonal, left the key people from the game and the center. Compensation received, there is money, but the market is almost empty.

Main question: who will be able to find Dmitry Fomin? There are two legionary vacancies, but also abroad to look for people in the summer - an occupation from the category of "come yesterday", besides aggravated by factors independent of sports. In Russia, you can "pull" veterans (what else remains?), since ASK has always been one of the oldest teams in the Superleague.

Trend: team, in fact, re-formed.

What to expect: in its current state - to fight for survival.


Krechetov-Kostadinov; Petkovich-Yakovlev; Pakshin, Markin, Asparukhov, Fialkovsky; Tavasiev, Shcherbakov, Chereiskaya, Lobyzenko (?), Tkachenko; Golubev, chestnuts.

Equipment: 100%.

the main thing: Kuzbass in a protracted search for a new face. Two young setters, two new diagonal, refreshed other lines. The times of inviting Zaitsev and Alan are over, but some average quality remains.

Main question: how does it all play out? How legionnaires will show themselves in Russian realities? Who will continue to gain momentum, and who will go from the fair? As long as there are more questions, than answers, and they are all important, important.

Trend: Kuzbass is losing ground very slowly and reluctantly, trying to "return to former glory". maybe, the current squad will make some noise, but the pedestal is objectively further and further.

What to expect: first eight.


Butko-Ushkov; Rybakov-Potalyuk; Feoktistov, Kovacevich, Ebadipur, Pivovarov/Kharitonov; Гуцалюк, Yakutin, Melnikov, ?; Obmochaev, Frolov.

Equipment: 95%

the main thing: in Ufa once again shake up the composition, once again gain inspires respect. The update looks better, than a year ago, what, however, in the case of the "Ural" does not guarantee almost nothing. Andrey Voronkov was called to take off "with all this wealth".

Main question: will it take off. Newcomers are highly qualified, honored coach. If it doesn't work this time, just right to remember the joke about AvtoVAZ.

Trend: in Ufa do not give up and spent, perhaps, the loudest transfer campaign in the Super League.

What to expect: you can try to cling to fifth place.


Osipov-Kreskin; Murashko-Fetsov; Dmitriev, The place of the second central was taken by a native of Nizhnevartovsk Maxim Kosmin, Kitchen, Bocharov; Filippov, Stork, Kritsky, Maksimov/Kulikov; Janutov, D. Golubev.

Equipment: 100%

the main thing: in Krasnoyarsk found an adequate replacement for retired players.

Main question: how newcomers will perform in key positions: Ant, The place of the second central was taken by a native of Nizhnevartovsk Maxim Kosmin, Filippov.

Trend: playing in the center of the grid has never been Yenisei's forte, but the past season has shown the effectiveness of this weapon. Here Krasnoyarsk armed, trying to keep balance in the rest of the lines. The key point is that Yanutov remains in the game, cement and the soul of the team.

What to expect: be a "hard nut" and go to the playoffs.