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Victoria with a victory

Another medal - this time the "bronze" of the World Championship among girls U20 - arrived in Surgut together with Victoria Kobzar, connecting the Russian team. In the match for the third place, our girls beat the hosts of the U20 World Cup in a dramatic match, Dutch women, yielding as the game progresses 0:2, 16:20 in the fourth set and 12:14 fifth. Victoria 2004 Read more »

Tokyo only, only hardcore

Thomas Sammelvuo decided on the Olympic squad on the application flag. The difficulty was, that volleyball has been played for a long time with an application from 14 human, but the IOC is doing its best to reduce the number of participants in the Games, cutting out wherever possible. You can play volleyball - and the same people go to Tokyo 12 human, as for the Games, when Read more »

Warm up before Tokyo

The League of Nations, held in a bubble without spectators, is a training tournament before the Olympics, where the result is not that important? Or the League of Nations is a respected, powerful competition with a solid prize pool, which teams are fighting for, not sparing my belly? True, normally, somewhere in the middle: training tournament for weighty interest. Therefore, you should not sprinkle ashes on your head Read more »

Olympic skylight

We look at the application of the Russian national team for the League of Nations and see, how the application for the Olympics shines through it. Now on the shortlist 15 surnames plus injured Ivan Yakovlev, will go to Tokyo 12 people - the IOC in every possible way limits the number of Olympians, they do not fit into the framework of the most prestigious competition on the planet. So compromises are inevitable. Thank God, we Read more »