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All pass through Kazan

It's our turn to play with the leader at his house. What can you say? Zenit-Kazan in great shape, with a beautiful bench and with thoughts of a championship. For now, for the hosts of the game - time to collect stones, that is, preparing for decisive matches through the remaining games of the preliminary part of the championship.

Surely Alexey Verbov will try, if not all, that of many, what, however, does not promise the residents of Surgut any special dividends. I have to admit, that Zenit and I are in different weight categories and the upcoming game is like a battle between David and Goliath. Yes, cunning David came up with a way to defeat the giant, but in our case I don't see a way to repeat the trick, since foreign objects cannot be used in volleyball.

If serious, then Surgut needs a game in Kazan - at least to comprehend its own existence. If we take Zenit-Kazan as the ideal of volleyball in the current circumstances, it is always interesting to measure your own capabilities against this background. What are we capable of? G, of course, no need to lose the match in advance: just fight for every ball here and now, break the game into episodes and try to show your maximum in each.

Discussing the composition of Kazan for the game does not make much sense for two reasons. At first, it will be strong anyway.. Secondly, now you can't guess, who exactly will Verbov release on the site. Zenit is good and individually, and team play, built on Mikey Christenson's filigree unpacking. Once Gazprom-Ugra beat Zenit in Kazan, hope, that these times - when we can fight on equal terms - will return. In the meantime, let's just believe in our guys and send them rays of support.: a game in Kazan for any professional volleyball player is a kind of litmus test.