26-first round: here comes the volleyball spring

In volleyball, as known, chickens are counted in the spring. 26-The th round rolls into March and continues the final spurt of the Superleague - the teams solve their problems, if not at the very top, then in the middle and at the bottom of the standings. Everyone has their own arguments., ready to transform into facts on the court, the intrigue is alive and pleases someone, and makes someone nervous.

It definitely won't be boring. "Ural" under the leadership of the new head coach was in a fever in the previous round, Nova, on the other hand, played evenly and took a rare victory for themselves. What to say? Potentially Ufimtsy are stronger, but the potential still needs to be realized on the site. The match will show, how strong the Ural is under the onslaught of the inspired Nova. Decisive word, as seen, again at the serve - both of them need to deprive the trump cards of creative binders. And on high balls, guests have more chances, especially given the injury of Denis Litvinov.

Nothing new here: another exam for Minsk residents from the “big team” side. Belgorod residents want to keep the fifth place, And for that you need to win. Therefore, they will be seriously beaten, and I don't see counterarguments from the newcomer of the Superleague. Stuffing bumps - business, of course, good, but when there are too many, internal devastation may ensue. hope, that Minsk youth will survive another blow of fate and will be able to tune in to more equal rivals.

Opponents share two victories, that, taking into account the remaining calendar, look almost unstoppable. But what the hell is not kidding? Sosnovobortsy have a chance to reduce the distance to a minimum, impose a fight. Ingredients are about the same, similar and game drawing. The hosts look a little more convincing, and the guests have a diagonal, parity in the center. Victory, I think, still lurking in the game, everything will be decided. If Biryukov and Ivovich give out their level, this may be enough - although it was not enough with Belogorye. But among the Belgorod residents, Tetyukhin gave out an extravaganza, in the ranks of Kuzbass, Markin can become a hero, and Pakshin, but not both at the same time. And the binding factor is also very important.: and Jovovich with Strilchuk, and Krechetov with Rukavishnikov can seriously affect the quality of the game.

Seem to be, Petrograders are trying to relax their muscles before the decisive throw. But relax them so, to lose at home to Samotlor, Not sure it's going to happen. Still, they expect victories from the new head coach, even if not so important from a tournament point of view, not defeats from the team from the basement of the standings. Nizhnevartovtsy, of course, in their own style will play "draughts naked" and can, catching a wave, take a set. Hardly more, even if Peter plays reservists.

With the advent of the old-new Perrin, Novosibirsk residents gain the necessary stability. How well it works - we will find out in the match against Fakel, capable of providing stronger resistance, than ASK in the last round. However, this stiffness can come out for Lokomotiv with just the necessary massage, for dismantling Novy Urengoy "Locomotive" is not something that is obliged, but must - taking into account all the circumstances and nuances. It's hard to imagine the script in my head, under which the hosts would concede. If only, of course, they suddenly do not have a functional decline as a result of increased preparation for the end of the season: the task of getting into the top four is almost completed.

Kazanians should not allow misfires, "Dynamo" breathes in the back - they will not allow it. Nizhny Novgorod heroically defeated the same Dynamo in Moscow last season, but now there is no special reason for such feats. Yes, ACK will play uninhibited (and what to lose?), but looseness in Kazan is fraught with serial failures - and not because, that guests play badly, but because against the serve and block of the hosts, maximum concentration and sometimes some kind of super-effort are needed. The match with ASK will be held for Zenit after a short pause (25-The team played the first round last year), so there is no need for additional leaders rest. On the contrary, the main composition will restore the condition, that does not bode well for the opponent.

Orenburg residents are super motivated, Yenisei, basically, solved my problems. Will this be reflected in the game?? who has not played in recent matches due to injury. Krasnoyarsk is playing unevenly this season, and the current positive trend against the background of the absence of several players of the main squad at once can just as easily break off, how it started. However, and "Oilman" is in a fever: the team can cling and bite, and maybe burn out. I would not dare to make an unambiguous forecast. I think, everything will be decided by the game of characters: Maksimenko vs. Yanutov, Vasiliev vs Fetsov, Panov vs. Valeev, etc..

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