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Tried to stop Lokomotiv

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Bessogonov, Kabeshov/Nagaec

locomotive: Abaev - Kazachenkov, Perrin - Kurbanov, Lyzik-Chereisky, Martynyuk

The hosts got off to a pretty good start., biting off the opponent's break after break: 2:1, 5:3, 9:6, 12:7... The feed to Kurbanov worked, on high balls, Lokomotiv's attacks were softened by a block and returned through Alekseev and Makarenko. 12-e point Surgut got Kazachenkova block. Konstantinov reacts with substitutions: Luburic and Berezhko come out. After a beautiful protracted rally and attack by Katic, Gazprom-Ugra increases its advantage to six points, 14:8. Somewhere at this moment, the guests begin to take over the threads of the game. Piun scratches the ball - in response to pipe Perrin, block to Alekseev, unsuccessful passes to Katic - and now 14:13 on Lyzik's serves.

Piun corrects the Luburic block, 16:13, but Lokomotiv arranges another series of breaks, this time on serve Berezhko: fails twice in the fourth zone Makarenko and gives way to Botin. Meanwhile already 17:17. Alekseev also stops scoring, and Lyzik and Luburic are accurate, 18:20. In the end, everything was: and ace Abaeva (20:22) and heroic defense of Surgut, but the grid was dominated by Luburic and Perrin, and Berezhko put an end.

In the second installment, Lokomotiv turned on its signature serve with all its might. At first, Abaev made Makarenko also make mistakes, and Botin, who came to replace him - 0:5. Surgutyans, however, did not immediately fall apart and tried to have a snack: Piun issues a block to Chereisky (4:8), Makarenko twice backhand beats the fingers of the blockers (7:11), Kabeshov drags Luburic's attack down the line, block covers Luburic (9:12). Increased serve aggression, but the hosts, led by Martynyuk, are at their best and it’s quite easy for Abaev to keep eating, while the Katichu block and Lyzik's ace in Makarenko restore the five-point lead, 10:15. Further, a block is connected to the crazy supply of Novosibirsk: almost all Ozhiganov's attempts to use Alekseev lead to a loss of points. Set-ball sends Bessogonov into the net with his serve.

Krasikov instead of Makarenko and Shakhbanmirzaev went to the third set of Surgut, appeared at the very end of the second game. It added fun on the grid, and Krasikov puts the hosts ahead with his ace - 5:4. Through excellent defense and the Loko block, it regains its advantage (7:9), and the Surgutians replace Ozhiganov with Kirillov and, let's say right away, does not add quality to transmissions. Gazprom-Ugra fights for every ball below, but on the grid the superiority of the guests is obvious. And then two more aces in a row from Abaev to Krasikov, between which Ozhiganov managed to return to the site (9:15).

Nevertheless, the fight goes on. Didn't start well: Ozhiganov did not finish off the passing ball after Rajab's excellent serve, but then Krasikov draws up an ace on Kurbanov, and Katic finds fingers blockers in a difficult situation, 14:17. In the next draw, the Surgut team will again finish the game after another mitigation of Kurbanov's attack, but this time Rajab couldn't beat the block. However, two mistakes by Luburic - and the ending can go to the balance, 17:19. On the serve, Krasilnikov, who replaced Kurbatov, Gazprom-Ugra makes a break in a long rally: Piun blocks Lyzik, but that is insured, and the decisive word is for Rajab, 20:21. In the end, a powerful series of innings gave Perrin, and Ozhiganov again went astray to the diagonal, who was "read". As a result, Lyzik and Luburic figured it out, 20:25.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Head coach of VK Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) Plamen Konstantinov: I am happy with the result, but dissatisfied with it, how young people got involved. This is what we'll deal with. I would not like to see young people on the "halfway". With experienced players, I can still understand this, but the young, who haven't played yet, I want to see 100% return. I didn't see this, I am unhappy with this. Everything else suits us. Today it was easier for us to play, than at home in the first round, except for the first segment of the first batch. The first batch was problematic, when it was minus five or six points, and had to return quickly. In the third game, we always led in the account, then Surgut approached, but we played the last balls correctly, and the separation was reliable.

Central blocking VK "Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk) Denis Chereiskaya: The game was kind of nervous from the very beginning., made a lot of mistakes, rolled in for a long time, let go a little initiative. Then the substitutions worked., returned to the game. In general, preparing for fast volleyball, had to keep up on the block, knock out an opponent, to deprive him of trump cards. Got it somewhere, somewhere not, but in general we have a good game turned out.

Alexander Gorbatkov, senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra".: The game started well. Can't handle a certain load, play well, play some waves. At the butt points we start, so to speak, give up. Therefore, the first batch did not survive, the second went on the knurled path, until something is tried to be leveled. The third batch, due to substitutions, seems to have gone, but today we can not cope with the attack, as required by the Superleague level. Gotta score, hammer to the floor, with one block, with a good reception - we miss it. All our attack indicators are weaker, than the opponent. Psychologically, this moment: got out and went, despite, what opponent. Nova is coming, Lokomotiv or Dynamo - it doesn't matter, you need to remove the inscriptions from the T-shirts and go out. But we have some disbelief in our own strength, I often talk about it. Which game is on, but we can't pull this beast out, we haven't decided yet. That picture, which is present in training, should give a result.



Date Time Championship
11.03.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2215200
locomotive (Novosibirsk)2525253


g. Surgut / SC "Premier Arena"

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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locomotive (Novosibirsk)

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