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Ten years ago…

The magic numbers of the new year makes more and more to look into the past, remember the glorious pages of the history of the club, draw parallels. Very soon turns 20 years since, as "Gazprom-Ugra" plays in the Super League of the Russian Championship. In the meantime, let us remember the ten-year-old championship, season 2009-2010 years, when Surgut fought desperately for getting into the playoffs, addressing in parallel a Read more »

"Gazprom-Ugra" at all times

New Year and Christmas - family holidays, And on New Year's to sum up some results. Think carefully about this, we decided to create their own Christmas family history, forming a part of our club at all times. This is not a Hall of Famer, not something official, unshakable in his solemnity, but simply an attempt to recall the bright pages of history. Someone surely Read more »

Europe is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

5 January tournament kicks off in Germany, because of which, properly, in the Russian league was formed as a protracted pause. The window in the club calendar cleared for our team, but she, thanks bogam, I coped with the task of getting to the Olympics through the 2020 year old qualified in St. Petersburg. There, frankly speaking, We were a bit lucky with rivals - teams of Iran, Cuba and Mexico. in any Read more »

"Gazprom-Ugra" and the New Year

Dear fans, Colleagues, partners, friends! Volleyball club "Gazprom-Ugra" categorically congratulates you with the coming New Year! We have realization conceived, good health, joy, Happiness and luck! Our club New Year holidays will turn out very short - 31 of December, only one team morning training and 1 January - closed. The rest of the time, we zealously, to continue the good fight Read more »

With the "Locomotive" will play a day earlier

In connection with the participation of the Novosibirsk "Locomotive" in the Cup CEV Volleyball Federation of Russia match postponed 14 round of the national championship, "Gazprom-Ugra" – «Lokomotiv». We will meet with Novosibirsk in the "Premier Arena" is not on the Sabbath, 25 January, a day earlier, on Friday, 24-January. Kick in 20 hours. Recall, This is the second postponement of games of "Gazprom-Ugra", the first related Read more »

Return to the throne?

Cup of Russia left for the outside observer, the two main impressions. The first - a slight deja vu, from the category of "somewhere we have this" Zenit-Kazan "have seen ...". The second - at least a little disappointed. We kind of become accustomed, that we fight during the interregnum, but no. All three matches - in the dry. disappointed, mainly, "Kuzbass". Poletaev not played, Read more »

Battle dominantov

Toward the close of the year we are waiting for a fascinating spectacle - the battle of four different teams in Moscow. How it any other name - the Cup of Russia, taking a snowy town or Christmas meetings - a two-day express is extremely interesting event especially meaningful. Still would! Then you and the confrontation of Kazan "Zenith" and his "former", which I will have no regrets about the past, and Read more »

At the break,

The paradox is, that our club life the least ... writes about his own team. We present rivals, announce matches, We give some analyst - for the most part not currently, favorite. On it there are objective reasons, but now they will not prevent us to make out the bones his team. And then reassemble, shake and bless for the coming feats. Read more »

New Year Eve thriller

In the opening match aces Pluzhnikov and Muzaya brought the hosts a good starting opportunities, 4:1. Both teams visibly nervous, resulting in mutual marriage. First time visitors caught the hosts on the mark 6:6 - Muse did not have time to pass too fast. Surgut again ravnuli forward - 11:8, Penchev sent out the ball rolling in, Muse and closed a protracted rally. Read more »

Three special match

The upcoming game "Belogorye" - is special for several reasons. At first, She - the last in the past year, after it will be a protracted break, related to the participation of European teams in the Olympic qualifying tournament (there, in particular, go libero "Gazprom-Ugra" Teodor Teodor Salparov). Secondly, it will be a watershed for the Surgut team. Beat "Belogorye" - catch up with the opponent of Defeat Read more »