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Pre-Christmas results

While other clubs close the "equator" of a smooth championship, we have already played half of the matches. That is, some preliminary results can be drawn. Let's say right away: four wins - not the same result, which could satisfy the ambitions of Surgut. But ambition must be backed by resources, a certain margin of safety in the face of fierce competition in the Russian championship, but this is exactly what we lack for objective reasons.

First of all, we are talking about the attacking power of Gazprom-Ugra: we do not have a pronounced attacking player, this is generally a huge deficit in the volleyball market. Dmitry Makarenko and Milan Katic, who arrived during the season, cement the reception, but we don’t have enough offensive play from a position of strength in the fourth zone - hence the absence of a threat from the sixth zone.

Nikita Alekseev performs unevenly in the diagonal, although his leadership qualities (along with Makarenko) no doubt, it means a lot to the team. Rajabdibir Shahbanmirzaev is able to turn on and turn his shoulder, but, yet again, doesn't always work out. It's all the same resource story: guys do, what can here and now.

A separate topic - binder, which half the team. Vadim Ozhiganov noticeably improved in the first half of the championship, which is generally uncharacteristic for a player at his age. But the fact remains: in confidence (But this is the debut in the Superleague), in the vision of the game, there is progress in the decisions being made. But there is still a “readability” of gears, and quality issues. In Surgut, they are used to pulling players up, stretches and Ozhiganov - like the still young Maxim Kirillov. But it is one thing to bring an attack to automatism with a ready-made high-level binder., the other is to grow all the same in a freshly sown field.

Many nuances, many questions, for which the team is looking for competitive answers. Rafael Talgatovich once mentioned, that he is not interested in working with people, who are not progressing. These are interesting. Take the same Kirill Piun. Once very promising, Kirill has been roaming around the squares of spares in recent years, until he found himself in Surgut. Now one of the best in the Superleague. We have the same hopes in connection with Kirill Ionov and Dmitry Kurbatov. And the young liberos Nikita Nagaets and Vladislav Dyakov? Hungry for the game, literally "gnaw" teraflex.

Looking at the result, then you can't see, that we lost four five-set matches - exactly as many, how many wins! Just statistically, we could "squeeze" a couple more matches, with the same "Dynamo-LO" and "Ugra-Samotlor", eg. Well, the defeat in Novokuibyshevsk will hurt for a long time. However, there is no subjunctive mood in sports, it is what it is. There were also wonderful matches in Krasnoyarsk and Minsk, homemade victories, there was a struggle with the leaders - only the St. Petersburg "Zenith" we released into the "dry".

The main result of the first half of the smooth championship: there is a team in Surgut. We will still lose, but we will definitely win, because we never give up. Sport is the continuation of life, And in this sense, mental stability is very important., willingness to help and donate, a sense of comradeship and the presence of a dream. We're fine with that. Waiting for you, dear fans, at the match of the 16th round with the Belgorod "Belogorye" and count on your support - now and always. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!