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Non-reception day

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Kabeshov/Nagaec

"Belogorye": Poroshin – Al-Khachdadi, Chervyakov-Zabolotnikov, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Meek

The match began with a knockdown against the hosts - 1:6. Surgutians failed to cope with the serves of Tetyukhin and Chervyakov, having reserved a hefty handicap for the guests. Gazprom-Ugra tried to return to the game, actively using Milan Katic, not only in the fourth zone, but also from the sixth, but a small splash (7:10) was quickly repaid by Al-Khachdadi and Zabolotnikov. at level 9:15 Alekseev replaced by Radjab, but a series of powerful innings from Al-Khachdadi continued until 9:18 - Surgutians suffered from a lack of refinement and only a block to Tetyukhin's dashing attack stopped the torment. The settled gap in the score remained until the end of the set: Belgorod residents just kept eating, stopping all encroachments to reduce the distance.

The second set was tied, in which Belgorod mined breaks with aces. First distinguished Poroshin (4:5), then Tetyukhin, jeweler launching the ball into an empty area (5:7). Scratching another break, the guests sped up on Galimov's serve. First, Ruslan provided Zabolotnikov with a challenge ball, and then fired two aces with power and short serves (9:15). This fight is over. In one of the draws, Radzhab first lost speed with Ozhiganov's pass, and then, on a more convenient pass, he hit out of bounds and was replaced by Dmitry Krasikov (11:19). Entering set balls with a ten-ball lead (14:24) Belgorod allowed the hosts to repeat the result of the first set by mistake.

The third game is pretty much the same.: attempts by the hosts to cling to the game were broken by the more organized actions of the guests. An indispensable condition for "squeezing" break points from Belogorye was a knocked-out reception from the guests, which rarely succeeded. It seems that the supply was periodically quite dense, but Krotkov and Tetyukhin did a good job. true, Piun and Ozhiganov managed to make Poroshin run, which led to a breakthrough 5:10 on 9:11. But then the picture familiarly turned upside down - the owners suffer without finishing, guests pick up handfuls of breaks. In the end, something familiar flashed again: the owners begin to pick up "tails" already in a hopeless situation. This time Krasikov delivers tightly, but Katic, on his second serve, fails to cope with the block in an emergency replay.

Yes, a bright spot for the hosts, I will note the rescue of Kabeshov, who kicked the ball back into play, running over the grid line. true, that draw in the end, the Surgut people lost. Poroshin in another set answered with a pass from the side of Surgut - and the Belgorod team scored that goal. That's the difference: "Belogorye" pressed its. Well, of course, "Gazprom-Ugra" summed up the reception - without this element, there is nothing to say about an equal game with "Belogorye".

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Senior coach of VK "Belogorye" Sergey Brusentsev: We have already rolled into the game after the New Year holidays, there was a good game with Novy Urengoy, so it was easier for us. Surgut, As far as I understand, missed the previous match. I haven't seen the statistics yet, but visually we were stronger in attack and serve.

VC Belogorye player Pavel Tetyukhin: In Surgut, games are always fighting. Today was not the point, that we showed something incredible, it’s just that after the first game, the game fell down for the hosts. We got a lot of things in the beginning, there was good courage and in the next games we played on this courage, played your game. By installation, clearly, didn't come up with anything new. And the Surgut team fell apart somewhere during the meeting. I think, this is a one time promotion, they are usually hard to play with. Gosha Zabolotnikov is a beast, monster. I think, he will show again this season, where crabs hibernate.

Alexander Gorbatkov, senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra".: You know, there are many factors that, that the team is not playing. We were tuning in, home game - the hosts must always impose a fight. Belogorye is an uncomfortable opponent for us, we play the second or third match with them in the season - constantly something does not work out, I know, for what reason. Another moment: players pre-calculate, will we pass this opponent or not. We keep talking, what you need to tune in to each opponent and play to win, but we can't get there yet. My opinion - today we lost before the game.



Date Time Championship
08.01.2023 19:00 CR 2022-2023


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1818200
Belogorie (Belgorod)2525253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"