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Seventeenth round: psychology and skill

2023-and is gaining momentum, Russian championship is in full swing - the 17th round is already on the agenda. Intrigue boils on both poles of the standings: Four teams are fighting for fourth place, bottom four teams closely in the fight for the playoffs. Games have moved into a kind of philosophical stage, when leaders look for internal reserves to maintain stability, and the underdogs are trying to get something fresh out of themselves, forget about defeat.

Krasnoyarsk, getting out from under the pressure of two "Zeniths", will try to recoup on pine fighters. There will definitely be an attempt, but the result is not clear. Having received a "splash" in Ufa, Klimkin's wards are probably burning with a thirst for redemption - now the fight against the Urals is moving into the absentee phase. Enisey looks unstable this season, so the key question: how much percentage of their potential the team will be able to give all the best on the site? Dynamo-LO has a clearer situation: there is interchangeability, have a drawing, but even here a lot will depend on the state of Biryukov and Yvovich. One of them will stall, Shenkel will not help out - and there may be problems. Well, the topic of the “return” of Klimkin and Strilchuk to their “native” penates is a separate topic - journalists love such stories., although from a purely volleyball point of view there is nothing special.

Hoping for something fiery, based on starting positions. Fakel lost seven games in a row, "Samotlor" pulled out a victory with 0:2 in the last round. Emotional advantage for hosts, the game potential is higher for Fakel. The key question is how the young players of Novy Urengoy will cope with the situation: Annes, Dinekin, Yutsevich, Dikarev, etc.. Grankina, whatever emotional and physical state he is in, should be enough for Nizhnevartovsk. Plus, the game of Evgeny Sivozhelez in his hometown is another separate story., which matters this time.

Dranishnikov has a chance to stop talking about his own resignation at least for a while, for "Stroitel" is almost an ideal candidate for restoring the acid-base balance after the defeat in Nizhnevartovsk. But there is a trap here.: once you can't lose, caution automatically turns on and “no matter what happens”. And the Minskers have their hands untied, they have nothing to lose in the first place, only buy - if possible. So another subtle psychological story, in which Titic and Nikonenko must, in theory, set the right emotional tone. But whether they have enough resources to play with young people is an open question..

Everything is so obvious, even boring. What is good Tolochko? He treats every game responsibly., without a capricious attitude. It means, that everyone will come to the site, who is able. And if Kluka, Anderson, Yakovlev, Grebennikov is able, then they will beat Neftyanik on skill. The rest will gnaw teraflex at least for the sake of a place on this teraflex. Orenburg will try to oppose character and risk, but one character in St. Petersburg is not enough, risk is a noble cause, but in the circumstances, rather working for the opponent's cashier.

All, what is written about the previous match, true for this game. Verbov learned to appreciate every victory, his players, all the more, see no reason to concede in Samara. You will not envy Oleg Sogrin - he immediately got into a series of games with the leaders. On the other hand, this has a bonus: you can safely make changes in the conservatory, not caring too much about the result - everyone will understand. the main thing, so that these changes fire at the right time.

loud sign, but behind it is a noticeable superiority of the guests, especially in the line-up. Berezhko, signing a contract with Loko, hardly expected such a load. He bears it with honor, but it will be extremely difficult to adequately resist the counterpart from the former club. Kurbanov and Kostadinov were also not considered in any way., as base players, but forced to alternately close this gap. All Konstantinov's hope is for the center and Luburic with Kazachenkov, while the range of possibilities of Bryansk is much wider. Lokomotiv can take a set or even two on courage, but it is hard to believe in the victory of the hosts. Unless Dynamo itself stalls, what hasn't been noticed about him lately.

Discuss the match, rescheduled for International Women's Day, in mid-January somehow out of hand. But since this is a game of the 17th round, I'll say a few words. Wangyu, that by March the opponents will approach in approximately the same tournament condition, as it is today - it became, the game will be very important. That's all, because anything can happen in a month or more (pah-pah-pah from injuries) and making predictions is simply pointless.

Vanhomet for the 17th round