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New season starts

Our youth team U19, beating Brazil in the quarterfinals with a score 3:0, was among the four best teams on the planet. But then the guys were not lucky, first they lost five sets in the semifinals of the Bulgarian national team, which was beaten in the group stage, and in the match for third place they also lost in a tie-break to the hosts from the Iranian team. Fourth final place, Read more »

Gazprom-Yugra ran the first crosses

Our club is out of vacation. The team has already completed the first of five retraction cycles (three working days + output), in which the focus will be on general physical fitness. All work is concentrated in Surgut, good for this, the municipality has created all the conditions: the guys are happy to train at the athletics stadium, swim in the new 50-meter pool, start to enter teraflex Read more »

Three Olympians for the Motherland

Preparing a participant in the Olympic Games is the dream of any coach, goal for any club, pride of any region. Surgut, "Gazprom-Ugra", Rafael Khabibullin commemorates three of their Olympians on the eve of the Tokyo Olympics. Stanislav Dineykin Stas has never played for Gazprom-Ugra, but in the column "first coach" he has "Rafael Khabibullin". And this is not a formality - Rafael Talgatovich literally Read more »

Reliable support and a charge of optimism. Igor Alekseevich Ivanov - 65!

Today one of the few people celebrates the anniversary, without which Gazprom-Ugra would not have taken place - Igor Alekseevich Ivanov. There are really few like him, but many of those, who can repeat after us - without Ivanov they would not have taken place. This is the people, and organization, and projects. The biography of Igor Alekseevich is well known - behind the back is the legendary Leningrad Polytechnic, all Read more »

Ясавееву - 70!

26 May anniversary - 70 years old - noted by the outstanding Surgut resident, a born leader and a person with a capital letter Khamit Nurmukhametovich Yasaveev. Honorary Worker of the Gas Industry, State Prize Laureate, Director of the Gas Condensate Stabilization Plant at PO Surgutgazprom ... His positions, titles and merits can be listed for a long time. Much more important to know, what kind of people, like the Yasaveevs - a huge rarity. IN Read more »

Rafael Habibullin: "We will broadcast goodness"

It's almost summer, and we just had a traditional conversation with the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra Rafael Khabibullin, dedicated to the end of the season. Do not believe, but there are a lot of things to do in the offseason, especially if you are not only the head coach, but also the CEO, and manager, and the manager of the sports complex, etc. – Rafael Talgatovich, your main impressions are here and now? Our governor Read more »

Happy Anniversary Oleg Viktorovich

8 In May, Oleg Vakhovsky, Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Surgut, Gazprom PJSC, celebrates his half-century anniversary. Oleg Viktorovich relatively recently took up a high post, but during this time he managed to do a lot. And we managed to understand, that you have acquired a reliable support in his person, sincerely interested leader, confidently on a par with the "fathers" of the Surgut gas industry - Read more »

Championship ended in victory

Final volleyball day of the season 2020/2021 in the Russian Super League took place in Surgut. The teams lined up in the ranking table the day before, but the two remaining games still took place. In the first meeting, the youth of "Belogorya" remained more motivated – and she managed to finish the championship with a victory. In the first two sets, the opponents parted with a minimal advantage, first took the top "Belogorye", 26:24, Read more »

Two surprises of the second day

The second game day in Surgut brought two surprises at once. The first one happened in the youth match between Belogorya and the experienced Dynamo-LO. We immediately note, that a connecting Kazbanov and a central blocking Zabolotnikov appeared on the site of the Belgorod residents, and Yaroslav Vasilenko set the optimal lineup, beaten on the eve of "Oilman". But the mood of the pine conquerors was clearly lame, and at "Belogorya" the serve flew. The first tangible break Read more »