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With the last bit of strength

In the dramatic ending, Gazprom-Yugra managed to save the game and deservedly earned the fifth victory in the last six matches. And it all began, just like a day ago, from the swing. In the opening, the hosts were leading most of the set, but allowed themselves to be overtaken at the mark 20:20. Melnikov won a key point with a short serve (21:23) and the pine fighters through the efforts of Alekseev and Biryukov put the squeeze on Read more »

On the waves to the fourth victory

The postponed match of the sixth round between Gazprom-Yugra and Dynamo-LO was going in waves - big and not so. To begin with, the opponents launched two giant waves in the first two sets.: debut remained with the hosts 25:19, and then the guests added in the serve and took the first pace of the Surgut, mirroring the account 19:25. In the third game, the emerging wave of Dynamo-LO after the ace of Nikita Alekseev Read more »

mission Possible

This weekend the mission of Gazprom-Ugra is to try to beat its guests from Dynamo-LO in the standings. To do this, you just need to beat the pine fighters twice, one win in two matches will keep the status quo, but we won't even talk about defeats. This mission is quite feasible, although certainly difficult - simple games, as we have seen recently with Read more »

Tough victory

Gazprom-Yugra "took a difficult revenge from" Neftyanik "for the defeat the day before. At the start of the fight, Vladimir Vikulov rotated yesterday's squad, releasing at the base of Moroz and Panov. Pavel immediately received three blocks, due to what the owners went into the lead, 6:3. If Surgut residents made less mistakes in serving, the gap would surely be big, but seven points presented to the opponent and Read more »

Painted a thriller with "Oilman"

Gazprom-Yugra "and" Neftyanik "in the postponed match of the fifth round gave a real thriller. The hosts left their debut set, playing cleaner on the set and taking breaks due to playing on the block and two aces of Rajab Shakhbanmirzaev, 25:20. In the second batch, "Neftyanik" noticeably added on the feed, and to solve emergency problems, the Surgutyans did not have enough resource, now already Read more »

Defining January. The first rival is "Oilman"

In the next two days, sunday and monday, Gazprom-Yugra will hold the first of three home paired series, in which, not without reason, expects to get hold of much-needed victories and points. 10 and 11 January, our rival is the debutant of the Super League Orenburg "Oilman". Debutant is a conditional concept for this team. "Oilman" recently left the highest volleyball world, yes and command Read more »

A clean victory over "Belogorye"

Surgut regains the taste of victories - this time "Belogorye" is defeated. Cannot be said, that the guests had a bad match, just the hosts were objectively stronger primarily in team play. In the debut of the match, Gazprom-Yugra almost immediately declared its superiority, clinging to the attack block "Belogoria" and playing out episodes in their favor. Nelly ran into Chereisky's block - 13:9. Samoilenko Read more »

First guest

Well, here's the first match 2021 of the year! 4 January "Belogorie" will visit us. One of the two most titled clubs in the country is now following the same path, as Gazprom-Yugra – rebuilds on the go. At the same time, the resource of the team remains serious, because the club is present as talented youth, and experienced players of the highest volleyball qualifications. Read more »

Happy New Year!

An incredibly difficult year for everyone has come to an end.. Year, in which the Russian championship was not completed, the Olympics did not take place, and the current championship is being held virtually without spectators, stumbling over the coronavirus every now and then. What to say, the pandemic has dealt a serious blow, including to volleyball. But life goes on! In the championship of Russia 2019/2020 Read more »