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YUKIOR won the MVL regular championship!

YUKIOR in the last, in the seventh round of the regular part of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League proved, which is currently the strongest youth team in the country. We are first in the standings! To Kemerovo, on home court, the previously leading Kuzbass-2 was beaten twice (3:0, 3:1), Yugra residents also shared victories with Novosibirsk Lokomotiv-SSHOR (1:3, 3:2). Remarkably, what Read more »

Another rematch

Surgut center blocker Petar Krsmanovich suffered a serious hand injury during training and was out for an indefinite period.. Against this not the most rosy backdrop, the hosts started the match extremely poorly: with three aces from Alexander Markin and an ace from Denis Chereisky, 1:6. But Maxim Kirillov accepted the challenge to the micro-tournament of acemen (two tries straight) and Ivan Korotaev with one ace and a knocked out technique, which Shevlyakov closed, 7:8.

Let there be a battle!

On Saturday at the Premier Arena we play with Kuzbass. Alexey Babeshin’s team is the most interesting: Super League record holder for five-set matches. The team has a total of ten of them, including a six-game series, in which Dynamo and St. Petersburg Zenit were beaten, and also there were two tiebreakers with Kazan and Novosibirsk. In the last round, the Kemerovo team lost to Yenisei on their site. 1:3. Conceded 0:2, Read more »

We're in a race!

We stay in the race! I wrote in the preview, that the game will largely determine: Will we be able to stay in the hunt for the playoffs or will we fall into the fight for survival?? clear, that there is still a long way to go, but Gazprom-Yugra retained its chances in Nizhny, returning the favor to ASK for the defeat in the first round.

Play as a team

I think, that the match in Nizhny Novgorod will be a watershed: Will Gazprom-Yugra continue to cling to the playoffs or will it fall into the fight for survival?. In other words, the match is important, but I really wouldn't want to, so that the burden of responsibility weighs down our team. We have one objective difficulty: we don't play from a position of strength, we have no such experience. Cling, Read more »

One step away from tiebreaker

The residents of Surgut were within arm's reach of repeating the scenario of the first round. Recall, that then “Fakel” managed to make a comeback with 0:2, this time the owners failed to escape.

Let's give it our all

On Sunday Gazprom-Yugra will play at the Premier Arena with Novy Urengoy Fakel. Now it is impossible to divide matches into key and not so important ones., each one holds the key to the playoffs for our team. In the first round we lost in Novy Urengoy 2:3, still without Alexey Rodichev, and Sergei Grankin and Vladislav Babkevich were absent from Fakel. Babkevich we never Read more »

On character

The Surgut team failed the start of the match on Denis Schenkel’s gliders – 0:4, but returned on the serve of Vadim Ozhiganov, 5:5. Until the mark 10:10 it was an equal game, after which the hosts again scored four points in a row. Rajab could not beat the block on Ozhiganov’s passes, who gave way to Maxim Kirillov. But it was not possible to catch up with the opponent, the Dynamo block has become an insurmountable wall. Even two freeballs, mined from Rajab's feeds, failed to implement, as a result - 17:25.

Next exam

Tomorrow Gazprom-Yugra will take the next exam in Sosnovy Bor. Lately, rivals have been moving in diametrically opposite directions.. We fight with leaders with any results, except points in the table, and the Sosnovoborsk team chalked up their eighth victory in a row in the last round in Krasnoyarsk. It is generally accepted, that “Dynamo-LO” is strong primarily by finishing the game. In the last matches from Read more »

You give youth

The outcome of all three sets did not correspond to the logic of their development. So, in the opening game the fight was equal until the mark 14:14 (Only Shevlyakov, who appeared on the site, scored a block against Tsepkov.) and, as they say, there were no signs. But Pavel Tetyukhin came out to serve at Belogorye and knocked out Rodichev and Obmochaev, 14:18. Shevlyakov once again shut down his opponent, this time Chervyakova, 17:21, but in the end the guests responded with a new breakthrough, grabbing his namesake Skvortsov, who came out instead of Korotaev, in the fourth zone and dragging down Rajab’s attack along the line with Krotkov’s efforts, 17:24. Maxim Kirillov, who came on instead of Ozhiganov, put the finishing touches with a serve into touch..