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Passed "Belogorie"

In the first match of the home game round for 11-14 places "Gazprom-Yugra" in three sets with the same score 25:19 beat "Belogorie" in each. Kirill Kostylenko, who was injured, did not enter the site of Surgut, Kirill Fialkovsky was a worthy substitute for him. The rest of the lineups were the same, what they played in Orenburg. The opponents in the opening set made a lot of mistakes on Read more »

Played on moral and strong-willed

Gazprom-Yugra and Dynamo-LO staged a real thriller goodbye in Orenburg. In the debut game, break balls were a museum rarity, and the whole game of the team walked nose to nose.. In the end, Yakutin's block to Abrosimov made the situation a little more comfortable for us, 21:19, but then the same Yakutin three times in a row did not even try to help close Botin, good Read more »

Beat the owners dry

The last dry victory "Gazprom-Yugra" won almost three months ago, 4 January, and today in Orenburg the owners were defeated in three parties. 3:0 - this is a very good result considering the need to play three matches in a row. After the "five-hat" game with "Belogorye" for tomorrow's game with "Dynamo-LO", the maximum possible strength is preserved. All three sets with slight variations went through Read more »

Suffered from the Belgorod youth

Gazprom-Yugra lost in five games to talented Belgorod youth, with enough talents for the most important. In the opening of the match, however, nothing foreshadowed such a development of events: Surgut players confidently dominated the court due to a more accurate and collected game, as evidenced by the score of the first batch, 25:15. And in the second set, "Belogorya" had a serve - first, ace issued Read more »

The finish line starts in Orenburg

Gazprom-Yugra together with Neftyanik, Dynamo-LO and Belogorye enter the fight for 11-14 seats, the first round starts 2 April in Orenburg. Initially, the so-called play-out was not planned in the Super League calendar, because just "out" is not provided for this season - the league is closed from relegation. Fight for survival, in this way, loses its meaning and turns into a training Read more »

A well-deserved reward

Rafael Khabibullin, head coach of the Gazprom-Yugra VC, received a letter of gratitude from Valentina Matvienko, Chair of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, with the wording: “For many years of conscientious work, great contribution to the development and promotion of physical culture, sports and healthy lifestyle ". The gratitude was presented 25 March in a solemn atmosphere in the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. All, who knows Rafael Talgatovich, agree, what Read more »

No game, but with character

In the first set of the match with Zenit St. Petersburg, Gazprom-Yugra hit like Ostap Bender, just not under a horse, and under the block of owners. 8 effective actions of Zenit in this element became as a result of skill, and creative search of Surgutyans. The desire to play fast is closely associated with risk., which time after time did not live up to expectations. As a result 15:25. In the second Read more »

Stars will converge at Sibur-Arena

By agreement between Zenit St. Petersburg and Gazprom-Yugra, the match of the last round of the regular part of the national championship is scheduled for Friday. From a tournament point of view, the game is important for the hosts - they must not lose points in the fight against the "Torch" for the fifth place. Surgut residents won't lose, nothing to acquire, but as the head coach of Gazprom-Ugra Anton said after the match with Dynamo Read more »