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Nova is stronger again

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Kirillov – Rudnev, Kurbatov – Shevlyakov, Skvortsov - Slobodyanuk, Nagaec

«New» (Novokuibyshevsk): Shaldybin – Papazov, Tenants – Shcherbakov, Shpilev - Purin, Eremin/Dragunov

The Surgut team rotated their players at the start, releasing Skvortsov instead of Korotaev, and “Nova” involved youth team setter Nikita Shaldybin in the case. The rest of the composition of the Novokuibyshevites spoke of, that they are going to fight for victory - sheer power and experience.

The match started off disappointingly: 0:5 on Shcherbakov's serves. Ours clung to the ball, but the attack did not catch the crocodile and the coconut did not grow. However, the return was not long in coming: Rudnev earned a block on knockout serves, covering Shpilev with Papazov, and now 6:6. It's an even game. We let the opponent go a little - 9:12 after Slobodyanyuk hit Papazov’s block - and caught up again. Kirillov worked in defense, the block softened, Papazov beat for himself and all the other guys..

In the end the rivals came out on balance, 21:21. And here, it seemed, Nova took a decisive step towards victory: Papazov withdrew at the suggestion of Rudnev, and Kurbatov landed in the caring hands of Semshchikov, 22:24. Time out and Kurbatov uses Siemshchikov's hands as a springboard to bounce the ball into deep out. Skvortsov’s powerful serve follows and Purin knocks on the block in the allotted gear, 24:24.

The swing has swung towards Gazprom-Yugra, when Slobodyanyuk pushed the ball going beyond the rope line after repulsed attacks, of course, Papazova, 26:25. The teams kept eating, until Shpilev hit the block, 30:28.

In the second set, after Papazov’s attack, the superiority of Gazprom-Yugra became noticeable, 5:2, then it was reduced to one break ball - Kurbatov hit the rope. Slobodyanyuk worked in defense, Skvortsov scored through touch, but 9:6 turned into 8:7 due to the mesh catching on the block. Shevlyakov was not upset and fired an ace under the baseline, 10:7. Rudnev in the block, Skvortsov throws out, 11:10. Block to Skvortsov, Shpilev scores an emergency ball and scores an ace with a shot to Nagaitsu's chest, 13:14. fracture? Rudnev knocks out Dragunov, Kurbatov gives an excellent serve and Papazov fails to cope with the emergency attack. Another attempt by Vitaly - wide of the line, 16:14.

Purin's ace evens the score again, 18:18. We make a break on Rudnev’s serve – freeball and finishing the game through Skvortsov, 21:19. Filmers removed after timeout, and then Kurbatov hits the cable again... However, The video review records the touch of Siemshchikov and the ball is sent for a replay. Kirillov insists on the first tempo, this time Kurbatov moves to the left, 22:20. In the next draw we had a freeball on Skvortsov's serve, but they managed it extremely poorly, 22:21. After his opponent served out, Kurbatov decided to make amends completely - he hit an ace, 24:21. Another great serve and another freeball - and again we are not performing at our best.. Kirillov does not attack, gives to Shevlyakov, he is forced to pass, Slobodyanyuk loses pace and doesn't score. Nova's initiative, but Papazov, apparently, ate - attacks out, 25:21.

In the third set there is balance again. 9:9 after Purin's ace, 14:14 after a save from Gusamov, who came to the back line instead of Skvortsov, Papazov hits with such force, that the ball flies into a cube on the ceiling. The game of the Surgut team dipped a little: Slobodyanyuk is in the block and gives way to Korotaev (14:16), then they beat us all (Shevlyakov, Rudnev, Korotaev), and Papazov realized the discount, 14:17. Shevlyakov starts an excellent segment, which Kirillov connects well, and Nagaets drags the pipe - the ball flies to Nova’s side, where Purin misjudged his jump and missed the ball, 16:17. And soon Shevlyakov single-handedly closes the pipe performed by Purin, 18:18. Shaldybin still shifts the emphasis to Purin’s attacks from the back line and Maxim is twice accurate, but the second time the spade let us down, 21:20. The swing started again: Nagaets gives Skvortsov a chance in the final game, he passed by, 21:21. But Ivan’s presentation is just right: Shpilev can't handle it, and Kirillov likes to score passing goals, 23:21. The second Ivan scores the two decisive goals, Korotaev - 25:22.

Today our team played more complete volleyball, without allowing big failures (except for the very beginning of the match). Acted calmly in the endings, not allowing the opponent to drag out the match. Skvortsov showed potential in the fourth zone, Kurbatov's powerful serve has stabilized, The Nagaets played well in defense, Shevlyakov worked usefully on the net. Rudnev attacked inconsistently, but then again, helped out with serve. Kirillov had creative problems at times, but overall Maxim had the game in his hands. Slobodyanyuk played exactly, Korotaev was helpful. Generally, Well done. “Nova” looked noticeably more experienced by name, but a bonus for us was available on the other side of the net with a young setter, played well overall, but not without defects and with some uniformity in the addresses of the programs.



Date Time Championship
27.04.2024 21:00 CR 2023-2024


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)3025253
NOVA (Novokuibyshevsk)2821220


g. Minsk / DS "Uruchye"

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS

NOVA (Novokuibyshevsk)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS