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18-first round: volleyball and more

The championship after NG gained a vigorous pace, which has its pros and cons. Benefits for fans and such "forecasters", like me, – easier to evaluate the current state of teams. Working cons for clubs: no time for training and adjustments, solid road, testing and, properly, games. Generally, this is true, the time for rocking is long gone, right now the most Read more »

Friday, 13-it is

"Kuzbass": Rukavishnikov - Klets, Markin - Pakshin, Shcherbakov - Tavasiev, Obmochaev "Gazprom-Yugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Naga Surgut again failed to unravel the secret of victory in the tie-break - the fifth defeat on the balance sheet of the season. But balance still needs to be reached., and to do it in Kemerovo is a rather difficult task, that only Read more »

For victory

We are going to Kemerovo for victory. Yes, yes, why else go to Kemerovo? it seems, we haven't won there for a hundred years, since about the time 2017 of the year, when Gazprom-Ugra did not let the growing team of Thomas Sammelvuo into the Final Six. It was especially embarrassing in 2019, when at the Kuzbass Arena we led 2:0 Poletaev's team, Kobzar, Podlesnykh and Pashitsky, Read more »

Seventeenth round: psychology and skill

2023-and is gaining momentum, Russian championship is in full swing - the 17th round is already on the agenda. Intrigue boils on both poles of the standings: Four teams are fighting for fourth place, bottom four teams closely in the fight for the playoffs. Games have moved into a kind of philosophical stage, when leaders look for internal reserves to maintain stability, and the underdogs are trying to get out of themselves Read more »

Non-reception day

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kurbatov, Makarenko - Katich, Kabeshov/Nagaets "Belogorye": Poroshin – Al-Khachdadi, Chervyakov-Zabolotnikov, Tetyukhin - Galimov, Krotkov The match began with a knockdown against the hosts - 1:6. Surgutians failed to cope with the serves of Tetyukhin and Chervyakov, having reserved a hefty handicap for the guests. Gazprom-Ugra tried to return to the game, actively using Milan Katic not only Read more »

Pre-Christmas results

While other clubs close the "equator" of a smooth championship, we have already played half of the matches. That is, some preliminary results can be drawn. Let's say right away: four wins - not the same result, which could satisfy the ambitions of Surgut. But ambition must be backed by resources, a certain margin of safety in the face of fierce competition in the Russian championship, but that's just what we don't Read more »

Fifteenth round: winter equator

Hello in 2023! Championship imperceptibly approached the equator of its "smooth" part, talk about “too early to draw conclusions” is gradually losing relevance. The overall picture is slowly emerging, but for now... They say, how do you celebrate the new year, so you will pass it. hope, everyone greeted him positively, that's just positive in sports is not enough for everyone - we understand, who will be more lucky in the 15th Read more »

Happy New Year, friends!

Friends, fans, Colleagues, fellow countrymen, volleyball club "Gazprom-Yugra" cordially congratulates you on the New Year 2023! The past year has been, as always, difficult, but we lived it with dignity. Delighted their fans with victories and upset with defeats, but always strive forward, always fought for Yugra and Surgut, always believed in yourself. May the new year in your life be Read more »


"Zenith" (St. Petersburg): Kovalev - Nikkel, Gossip - Voronkov, Yakutin - Kosmin, Grebennikov "Gazprom-Ugra": Kirillov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Kurbatov, Nagaets / Kabeshov In a match with St. Petersburg "Zenith" Rafael Khabibullin tried as the main setter 19-year-old Maxim Kirillov. Well, if this is a story about "how the steel was tempered", then the crucible for the young player turned out to be noble. It is forbidden Read more »


The fourteenth round turned out to be "torn", and making its announcement does not make much sense - half of the matches have already ended. Therefore, let's focus on the Gazprom-Ugra game in St. Petersburg - do we have a chance of success? Viktor Poletaev and Ivan Yakovlev left Zenit due to injuries, back problems returned to Egor Klyuka, whose participation in the match under Read more »