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Play as a team

I think, that the match in Nizhny Novgorod will be a watershed: Will Gazprom-Yugra continue to cling to the playoffs or will it fall into the fight for survival?. In other words, the match is important, but I really wouldn't want to, so that the burden of responsibility weighs down our team.

We have one objective difficulty: we don't play from a position of strength, we have no such experience. Cling, biting with leaders is as much as you want, and when it comes to games with equal opponents, where does the winning mentality come from?? Plus responsibility, cost of error, etc.. With leaders it turns out somehow easier and, usually, better if not for the result, then in terms of the quality of the game - the first round is confirmation of this.

Therefore, we need to play in Nizhny, like in Kazan - then, you look, everything will work out. ASK not "Zenit", there are no corresponding reserves, but on the front line, themes, than he can, ASK is capable of taking a blow, and give change. Very tenacious, experienced team, hearing inside, where can you get some healing glasses?. If they sense weakness, they will loosen it and crawl under your skin.. Three championship victories shouldn't bother anyone, especially us, after all, ASK took one victory from the Premier Arena.

Compared to the first round, the Volga team added a diagonal Petar Premovic, who, together with setter Igor Jovanovic, makes up the club's Serbian "foreign legion". Otherwise, the faces are familiar for a long time: finishers Alexander Pyatyrkin, Ivan Valeev, Anton Karpukhov, central Konstantin Panasenko, Ivan Zakhvatenkov, Ivan Demakov, libero Artem Zelenkov. Denis Antonov is also in reserve, beat us up a notch in the first round in the diagonal, young talented playmaker Klim Mozzhukhin, setter Alexander Khaibulov.

Stars, capable of cracking winning nuts on a regular basis, you won't find it here, but ASK is a good team, where players complement and insure each other. Andrey Dranishnikov builds the game through team interactions, in this we are similar.

Gazprom-Yugra now has a classic fusion of youth and experience, all results are derived from this spike. Yes, Rajab leads the way in attack, but he needs support. Yes, Petar covers half the sky in the center, but there is also a second half, with which, by the way, Dmitry Shevlyakov has been doing well lately. Alexey Rodichev holds the level in the final game, and there you need a second wing. Our youth represented by Maxim Kirillov, Ivan Korotaeva, Ivana Skvortsova is talented, but experience has not yet been gained, hence the sine wave game. Nikita Alekseev, Alexey Obmochaev, Vadim Ozhiganov, Alexey Rodichev, Petar Krsmanovic, Dmitry Krasikov often has to play for himself and that guy, to get feedback from young people at the right time.

Wonderful, in my opinion, Nikita Nagaets works, not yet revealed, I'm sure, potential of Vyacheslav Rudnev, Dmitry Kurbatov can add stability. the main thing, that we also have a team, capable of supporting each other and bonding, and only then take it apart, who didn't hit anyone or jumped in the wrong place. Everyone is focused on results, everyone is fighting. This will be the case in Nizhny Novgorod.