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One step away from tiebreaker

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Krsmanovich - Shevlyakov, Rodichev – Korotaev, Obmochaev/Nagaets

"Torch" (New Urengoy): Grankin – Enns, Kovalchuk – Dikarev, Dineikin – Kapranov, Danani/Andreev

The residents of Surgut were within arm's reach of repeating the scenario of the first round. Recall, that then “Fakel” managed to make a comeback with 0:2, this time the owners failed to escape.

In the first set, the guests took the lead on Grankin's serves.: Dikarev alternately blocked Rajab and Rodichev, plus Sergey scored an ace, 7:10. Kirillov comes on instead of Ozhiganov, Korotaev’s ace and Ennsu’s block seem to have revived the intrigue, 13:14. But then “Fakel” makes another escape: Kapranov is good in play-offs, and Dineykin serves right through, 13:18. Not everything is going well in attack for Rajab, but there is a supply - 17:19 and Roman Empolov's time-out. In the next play, the hosts soften Enns' attacks twice, Kirillov returns the ball from the opponent's side, but Korney's third attack gives results. And after a couple of plays, Enns covers Korotaev with a single block, 18:22, and Nikita Alekseev comes out instead of Ivan. In the end, Enns and Dineykin are unmistakable, Stanislav brings victory by winning back from the block.

The debut of the second game also belongs to Dineykin - a quick attack and an ace, 2:4. Immediately Krsmanovic increases the lead with an attack into touch, 2:5, and then, when trying to rehabilitate, he runs into Kovalchuk’s block, 2:6. Grankin, rampant in the attack, two blocks for Kapranov, Rajab's ace and his shot into touch on a single block - some confusion on the court, and the account is already 6:9.

Ozhiganov returns and Gazprom-Yugra gives chase: Surgut's Radzhab and Rodichev differ in attack, Dineykin successfully attacks, but hits the net before the ball falls, what does video viewing record?, 15:17. And then Krsmanovich and Alekseev close Enns, 16:17! But the scenario of the first set repeats itself – as soon as the hosts come close, the visitors quickly increase their lead, 16:20. Maxim Kirillov is back on the court, but the initiative was lost, after a point from Cornay Enns (17:23) everything is more or less clear. The quintessence of the set: network reception, Kirillov pulls the ball in the only possible direction towards the center forward, Krsmanovich, diverting the attack away from a tight block, It has a rope into touch, 18:25.

In the third set, Ivan Skvortsov appeared on the court for the Surgut team. This time the hosts do not allow the guests to create any significant groundwork and come forward themselves: Shevlyakov carries Enns' discount in defense, Rodichev accurate, 8:7. Grankin passes somewhere between the first and second tempo - both attackers move away from the ball, like ships at sea with a buoy, 11:9. Enns plays for guests in cyborg mode, and Kirillov uncovers Skvortsov in the fourth zone. Spectacular attacks give way to protracted rallies with miracles in defense, and Krsmanovic’s desire to retrain as a setter leads to equality: his back pass into the fourth zone drives Rodichev into a dead end, 17:17. After the mark 20:20 previously flawless Enns steps over the three-meter line, Kapranov is covered by a block, 22:20. With the score 23:21 Ozhiganov comes out to serve and decides the outcome of the set with two aces - power and shortened.

In the fourth set, an equal fight immediately ensued, Danani is injured and gives way to Andreev, who proved himself no worse. The Surgut team gives up the break advantage along with Rajab’s attack on the block, 7:9. The hosts caught up with “Fakel” in an enchanting draw, in which Rajab pulled out Kapranov's attack in defense, Kirillov flew into the rack, saving the ball, and it all ended with a block to Ennsu, 13:13.

Then there was a feeling, that teams earn more by blocking and defending, than an attack. Skvortsov still unscrews the ball from the block on the emergency ball, 21:21. Let's go swing, in which the hosts bet on Rajab, and Grankin - on his skill. His pass from the floor after Kovalchuk was so risky, so effective, 25:26. Kirillov waited, while the opponent's blockers ran to Rajab in advance, and gave it to Krsmanovich - 27:27. But the Surgut team didn’t earn any more points, although they could. In the next play, Skvortsov awkwardly handled the passing ball and returned it to the opponent’s side - Enns punished. And then today’s birthday boy Grankin came out to serve and congratulated himself and the team with an ace, 27:29.

Overall, Grankin’s skill made the difference during the match, Dineykin's effectiveness and Enns's courage. Among the residents of Surgut, Skvortsov closed the “draft” in the fourth zone, but made a few mistakes of youth, and the young setter Maxim Kirillov floated somewhat as a pass. Nevertheless, our command, as I promised, fought to the end.

"Gazprom-Ugra" fought as best he could:

Head coach of VC Fakel Roman Empolov: Good match. Controlled by two parties, won with a good score. Young Ivan Skvortsov came out in the third game, We barely managed to cope with his attacks. Experience won in the fourth game. Corrected the block a little. Rajab - well done, in the end I started playing, although he was not visible for the first two games. We approached this match well after an unsuccessful game with Enisey. Guys want to play and win, Well done. Sergei Yurievich congratulated himself as an ace on his birthday. Congratulations to the fans and team on a good victory.

Captain of VC "Fakel" Sergey Grankin: The first two games we controlled the game, did not allow the opponent to play, and the opponent allowed us to play. In the third game, after two quick sets, we relaxed a little, then it's hard to get ready. In the fourth game they dragged, how could, to end. If there was a fifth, it’s already a lottery. It would be possible to agree on rock-paper-scissors.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Denys Harkushenko: Our young players still lack experience. In the fourth game at the end, Ivan Skvortsov placed a block in the wrong place, free-ball did not bring, threw the ball away at the reception... It's not his fault, it's just youth. Everything is ahead of him, don't let him worry. It's a shame, Yes, could have reached the fifth game, unknown, how would this all end. The plus is, that they showed character. Losing 0:2, broke in the third game, reached the end in the fourth. Another plus is that with every game we have more and more young people playing, gaining experience. Unfortunately, so far the result is not the same, but I think, But if we continue like this.



Date Time Championship
21.01.2024 19:00 CR 2023-2024


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)201825271
Fakel (New Urengoy)252521293


g. Surgut / SC "Premier Arena"

Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

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Fakel (New Urengoy)

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