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Took, gave away, taken away

In the first two sets, there was only one team on the court. The hosts tortured guests with serves (shortened, which Masliev did not have time for), terrorized by the block, looked much more confident in attack. As a consequence, the game is with one goal, 25:13, 25:14. Continue in the same spirit did not work: Valery Pyaskovsky, shuffling the composition, finally found the optimal combination and Vartovites, Read more »

All for the Ugra derby!

Battle for six points, battle of neighbors in the standings, Ugra derby - all these epithets can be used in relation to the upcoming match between Gazprom-Ugra and Ugra-Samotlor on Saturday. certainly, important and principled match, in which, for the first time in many years, our guests, at least formally, can be considered favorites. They are two wins ahead of us, they have in stock Read more »

Fought to the end

Surgut residents staged another five-set massacre in Ufa and lost in an absolutely equal ending. It all started with the victory of "Ural" in the first set 25:21. We lost, in fact, in one arrangement, with a diagonal in the fourth zone: first with 7:8 failed on 7:10, and through a circle with 13:17 gave two more breaks, 13:19. The game did not go Read more »

Difficult step in Ufa

Tomorrow in Ufa, Gazprom-Yugra will hold a match 20 tour with the local "Ural". The history of our teams' relationships is so extensive, that she can devote a separate material and someday we will definitely write it. For now, it's enough to mention, that our games have always been characterized by tenacity and uncompromising. for example, last season the teams played their only match in Ufa in the fifth round: the people of Surgut came Read more »

Another five sets

In the debut of the match, Surgut residents let the rival go 1:4, immediately overtook (5:5) and an equal game ensued, which Gazprom-Yugra pulled over to its side with a block to Viecki and Titich (17:14). In the end, ASK got close to the efforts of Titic (20:19), but Melnikov did not submit, and Kirillov, who came on as a substitute, made it difficult for the Volzhans to receive - Viyetsky and Valeev did not cope with heavy Read more »

Experience + Titic defeated youth

Gazprom-Yugra staged another thriller, losing on the "flag" to the Nizhny Novgorod ASK. The game started with two aces of Dovgan, Fialkovsky, and the opponent was just waking up - 11:5. Having adjusted the flow, Volzhans pulled up a little in the account, but Gazprom-Yugra acted as a clear mechanism and brought the matter to success, 25:18 after the attack by Shahbanmirzaeva. The hosts also started the second set cheerfully, covering the Viecki block Read more »

We're back in the race

This weekend we have a third consecutive double weekend, in which Gazprom-Yugra has good chances to replenish the reserve of victories and points. But it will be hard. And when it was easy? It was definitely not easy with ASK - last season we lost twice to Nizhny Novgorod in tie-breaks. maybe, it's time to pay off debts. In the camp of our rivals for a year Read more »